Social Activist and Political Donor George Soros Is Not Giving Up On Democracy

When the migration issue hit the boiling point two years ago, hedge fund investor, and social activist, George Soros was hard at work finding a solution. Soros attends the economic summit in Davos, Switzerland every year, and that year he laid out a plan to help ease the tension and find an effective way to deal with the largest displacement of people in more than 70 years. Soros offered a migration solution to the European Union, but the EU was up to its neck in nationalistic banter, so his ideas were ignored. Learn more about George at Biography.

When Hillary Clinton decided to run for president, one of the people she called for help was George Soros. Soros was on the political sidelines for 12 years. When Bush won the White House in 2004, Soros did not take the loss lightly.  But when his old friend Hillary said she would run, Soros immediately got back into the political arena with both feet. Soros donated more than $7 million to the Clinton campaign, and at least $10 million more to other Democratic candidates. Some news sources say George Soros donated $27 million to the Democratic Party in 2016. When Clinton was defeated, Soros lost $1 billion in the stock market, but most of that money found its way back into the Soros hedge fund account a few weeks after the election.

They don’t understand why a guy who is worth $25 billion is so hell-bent on being a Democratic advocate and donor. Most people don’t realize Soros gives millions of dollars away every year to support social cause around the world through his Open Society Foundation. They have no idea why Soros would be so vocal about global economic pitfalls or the value of the Chinese Yuan.

But when people do the research, they discover a man who is wired to help other people. Part of that wiring comes from personal experiences. He escaped the Nazis when they occupied Hungary. He went to London and paid his way through the London School of Economics by waiting tables. George came to the United States in 1951 and got a job on Wall Street. He worked his way up in the investment world and by 1969 he started his own hedge fund with $12 million. George had enough friends who believed in him to start a hedge fund.

The investment business taught Soros the value of friendship and freedom. His experiences showed him what human rights and an open society can do to promote freedom and Democracy. George uses what he learned to make the world a better place.

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