Securus Technologies Deterring Contraband in Prison

I work in a very dangerous jail and one of the biggest issues we have is the amount of contraband flowing into the hands of the prisoners. This is a very volatile situation because this gives the inmates an edge over officers that they should not have. Since the inmates already outnumber the police working in the jail, limiting the flow of contraband has been one of our top challenges.


Our team has a standard routine each day of first doing a surprise inspection of inmate cells, then heading to the visitor center to search for potential contraband coming into the jail. While many visitors are deterred by the threat of being put in jail if they are caught bringing drugs into the jail, others simply want to help out their family or friends and are willing to take the risk.


While these two procedures have limited the flow of drugs, weapons, and illegal cellphones into our jail, it simply is not enough. The inmates will tell you themselves that they have an easier time scoring illegal contraband in the jail than they did when they were free on the streets. This is not something we are proud of, and we have discover another way to put a stop to the flow of these items into our jail.


With the help of Securus Technologies and the inmate call system, we have a new way to monitor conversations pertaining to illegal contraband. We are now using the reporting data to enhance our agency’s proactive techniques to monitoring and deterring any incidences of illegal contraband in our jail. When we are alerted to conversations about hiding drugs in a cell, putting weapons in the yard, or certain individuals coming into the jail to smuggle in contraband, we spring to action before they can do anything.


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  1. The daily rise in crimes and the almost daily conviction of inmates has made it daring for the prisons officers to effectively discharge her duties amid of threat to their lives. However having contrabands items in the prison is more dangerous according to hire dissertation expert who have given a fantastic review about the services Securus Technology has done in the prisons. Their use of inmate call system has drastically reduced crimes in the prison hence inmates and corrections officers are safe.

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