Ronald Fowlkes is a Leader Wherever He Goes

Ronald Fowlkes has over 30 years of experience in various leadership roles including the marines, SWAT, hostage rescue teams (HRT) and the St. Luis Police Department. He is known for his bravery, selflessness and commitment to improving law enforcement in America. After many years of service in the military and police department, Ronald has now committed himself to not only improving the effectiveness of law enforcement, but also minimizing casualties in the field of duty. Ronald accomplishes this be advising manufacturers at Eagle Industries Unlimited and improving tactical gear and equipment used by law enforcement and the military.


Eagle Industries Unlimited manufactures tactical gear, equipment and outdoor survival tools for the government, private security and individuals. Eagle Industries does not only manufacture gear that takes lives such as ammunition and firearms, but also gear that saves lives such as tactical vests and survival equipment. The company has been improving its products for over forty years and continues to deliver the best equipment on the market. Today, it is setting the benchmark for gear quality and popularity. Eagle Industries is able to maintain its dominance in the market due to Ronald Fowlkes and his team. Ronald Fowlkes is the Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited’s Law Enforcement and Commercial Products division. This division manufactures tactical gear and equipment for police officers, military personnel, and private individuals. Ronald trains over 150 employees on how to use the new equipment and increase sales through demonstrations.


Ronald Fowlkes joined the marines in 1989. He attended the Marine Corps School of Infantry and is a veteran of the first Gulf War. During Operation Desert Shield and Operation Dessert Storm Ronald was promoted twice for his gallantry in action and exceptional leadership skills. Ronald brings these skills to Eagle Industries and excels at his position. Ronald decided to join Eagle Industries, because he believes there are flaws in the equipment used by law enforcement and the military. Ronald believes that many lives could be saved if the equipment they used was improved. Mr. Fowlkes has always tried to keep his men safe. After serving with the marines, Ronald joined the Joint Improvised Explosive Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). The organization attempts to disarm and destroy any improvised explosive and bomb threats set up by enemy forces. JIEDDO used Ronald’s experience and tactical knowledge to improve its detection rate and effectiveness.


Wherever Ronald went he improved the system and efficiency of the team. He spent 13 years with the St. Luis Metropolitan Police Department where he became a team leader in the hostage rescue team. Ronald’s team took part in over 250 hostage and high-risk entries every single year. In the midst of all this, you will still find Ronald laughing, leading and coaching his sons hockey team on the weekends.