Learning More About Dr. Mark McKenna And His Life And Feelings

There are different ways that people choose to go about their day, and it can be interesting to learn how a certain individual does that. Dr. Mark McKenna shared about a typical day in his life when he was interviewed. He allowed everyone reading the interview to learn how he spends his time from the moment that he gets up until the day is done. He shared that he gets up early and gets his daughter out of bed. The two of them have breakfast alone together while his wife sleeps in. After they are finished with their breakfast, Dr. McKenna showers and heads to work. He shared that he works until it is time to come home for dinner with his family. He heads to Jiu Jitsu training after dinner, and then he comes home and goes to bed.

There are various trends that take place over time, and some of them are positive while others are negative. Dr. Mark McKenna was given the chance to share one trend that he sees as a positive one when he was interviewed. He shared that he is happy to see a decline in smoking in America. He believes that trend is one that is going to make the country better and to know more

Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who has achieved a good amount of success. When he was asked if there is a book that he would recommend to others who would like to find success, he shared one by Napoleon Hill. He believes that Think and Grow Rich is the kind of book that can be beneficial to others. He feels that this book has much to offer when it comes to becoming successful in life. The book, Dr. Mark McKenna shared, covers the topic of visualization in a way that is beneficial to the reader.