Jason Hope and His Support for Anti-Aging Research

As people begin to grow older, there are a number of different things that they may be concerned about. One of the most common is the effects that age has on the body, and how the aging process can be better controlled so that people can live much longer in a healthier fashion. Since there are so many different diseases that can affect how long people live today, one topic of discussion that researchers are focused on is anti-aging research. To that end, there are some notable leaders in this area that have contributed to this kind of research. One skilled futurist that is well known in the science and tech communities is Jason Hope.

Recently, in late 2014, a summer conference was held on the topic of Rejuvenations Biotechnology. With the world’s most leading scientists in the medical profession discussing a variety of different strategies, the medical and technology industry is looking to find the best solutions on how to repair the damage that the body has sustained due to aging-related diseases. Aside from gathering more information on how to best proceed in the future, this conference has gained a lot of momentum over the years and support for these initiatives are ongoing.

Also, in addition to the success that the conference has had on the medical and research communities involved, there has also been a focus on getting the financial support that’s needed to fund this research today and in the immediate future. As part of this Global effort for funding, leaders like Jason Hope has donated significant sums of money. Thie is one of the reasons why Jason Hope is already credited with $500,000 to the SENS foundation. His support is intended to help advance a wide variety of different beneficial solutions to many of the more commonly known aging diseases like Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and Atherosclerosis.

Hope is currently known in many different reputable social and business communities as an investor, philanthropist, entrepreneur and a futurist too. He provides his insight on numerous diverse subjects including where the Internet is going, medical science and other things that he has a passion for. Growing up in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope graduated from Arizona University with a Masters in Business Administration and he is also very well known for always giving back to the community as a whole since he believes in giving to the causes that he is most passionate about, in specific Anti-Aging Research.

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