How The American Institute Of Architects Helps Members Keep Up With The Latest Design Trends

While many people are not familiar with the Washington, DC-based American Institute of Architects (AIA) unless they are an architect themselves, it is a large, 90,000 plus member organization. Individuals in related professions, including engineers and landscape architects, may join as allied members. Members who have made significant contributions to the profession are designated a fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Architect Magazine is the AIA’ journal that keeps members up-to-date with industry news. Members can submit building projects and articles to the magazine for consideration.


AIA offers members information about prioritizing sustainable designs and designing homes that are carbon neutral by 2030 by utilizing solar and wind power.


Benefits for AIA Members

One of the benefits of joining AIA is being able to purchase a wide range of standard construction contracts online. While members cannot edit the legal language, they can edit the rest of the PDF document, adding frequently used clauses if needed.

Other benefits include the ability to purchase the biannual compensation guide at a discount, which lists salary data and trends so individuals can see how their salary compares to others in a similar position at other architectural firms. AIA’s new Firm Benchmarking Tool is ideal for self-employed architects who want to determine how their firm’s performance compares to the industry average.

AIA’s State Economic Profiles help members make business decisions based on different indicators, including construction employment and housing starts. There is also a ForeSight Report for architects who want to stay ahead of the latest trends and prepare for industry changes.

AIA Conference

The AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 is being held in New York City in June. The three exciting days include speakers, tours of local architecture, seminars and workshops.


AIA’s philanthropic partner, Architects Foundation, focuses on preserving historical architectural treasures and operating the Octagon Museum. Educational programs and exhibits at the museum reflect the legacy of the people who created architecture over the years. Built in 1801, the Octagon was home to President Madison in 1814 for a short time when the White House was burned. The Architects Foundation also offers three scholarships.