How Copa Star Hospital has Invested in Modern Medical Amenities

The residents of the Rio De Janeiro have had access to excellent medical attention since the founding of Copa Star, which is a world-class hospital that has been operational since 2016. The facility has made the city to be recognized as one of the locations why people can seek advanced healthcare. Copa Star has an excellent reputation in Brazil and the rest of the globe due to the outstanding luxury and medical attention that it offers to its patients. The hospital’s buildings have attractive architectural designs that make it look like a five-star hotel. The place also has the latest infrastructures. The technology, equipment, and machines that it uses are the latest that have ever been developed for the healthcare sector, and therefore, its doctors can offer excellent treatment and diagnostic services. The compound of the hospital covers an area of about 21,000 square meters.

Copa Star has a staff of approximately 550 professionals who have outstanding skills and experience in handling patients. They are all highly trained to serve in a professional, individualized, and compassionate manner. About 113 members of the hospital’s staff are nurses and doctors who have international accreditation. The luxury and technology that the facility embraces make it stand out. Rio De Janeiro residents who need advanced treatment can access it at the Copa Star. The medical facility also receives patients from different parts of the globe. The suites that are used by the patients have attained the status of a five-star hotel room. Read more at about Copa Star.

The hospital’s interior is well designed. Its hallways are decorated with excellent pieces of art, and they also have a sweet aroma, unlike other hospitals. The facility has separate corridors for staff and guests hence reducing congestion and bettering mobility. Copa Star uses a computerized hospitality program that enables it to offer comprehensive care to the patients. The system simplifies communication between the nurses and the guests. It makes it easy for the patients to contact the medical professionals and also control their ambiance.

Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, which is the founder of Copa Star, spent about $500 to construct the hospital. About $400m million was invested in the building and its compound. The rest of the money ($100 million) was used in the purchase of the latest medical equipment and systems. The hospital currently boasts of state of the art cardiology and neurosurgery machines that can be used in diagnosing and treating complex problems. It also has hybrid rooms for conducting the most complicated surgical procedures. Copa Star’s medical care prices are not very high. It is affordable to the middle class and people with health insurance. The hospital is devoted to operating by the set healthcare standards. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

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