Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport is located in the South Pacific Islands in the region of Samoa. It has an asphalt airstrip that currently runs 2,198 feet long. It is used exclusively by the Polynesian Airlines for international and internal flights and operated by the Samoa Airport Authority. Fagali’i Airport’s airstrip was originally grass only before being renovated.

Fagali’i Airport faced a lot of scrutiny from the public and government after it opened. Eventually, things came to a head and Fagali’i underwent renovations. Fagali’i re-opened July 6th, 2002 under the facilitation of Polynesian Local General Manager, Brent Schwenke. The grand opening was attended by the Samoan Government and Polynesian Officials. Fagali’i Airport was incredibly unique because of the fact that Polynesian Airlines were using the airport exclusively. This helped to differentiate themselves from local competitors. South Pacific Express, a privately owned company in the area, was one of Polynesian Airlines’s main competitors on dohop.com. South Pacific Express operated out of Faleolo Airport and although Fagali’i was smaller they were able to compete and attract attention from the locals due to it’s proximity to the mainland.

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Operations have changed over the years and the airport is currently utilized by other airlines in Samoa on tripadvisor.com.br. Notable airlines that have operated from the airport include: Samoa Air, Polynesian Airlines, Talofa Airways and South Pacific Island Airways. Fagali’i Airport mostly used in the daytime and Faleolo Airport is used mostly for night time service. Fagali’i Airport unfortunately closed again in 2005 due to safety complains from it’s patrons. On July 1st, 2009 Fagali’i re-opened it’s doors. The stipulations of Fagali’i Airport’s reopening were that they had to pass a series of tests. Fagali’i Airport was required to pass a safety inspection from the Samoa Airport Authority and a civil inspection conducted by the Pacific Aviation Office (PASO). In 2017, Fagali’i Airport is currently opened and accepting and outgoing flights to and from region.

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