Trying Pokémon Beauty Products, with Kim Dao!

In a recent video, Kim Dao, an up-and-coming beauty vlogger, tries out a few cute Pokémon makeup and skin care items from a Korean company by the name of TonyMoly.


Beginning with the makeup products, Kim Dao tries a Pikachu BB cream compact, which seems to cover imperfections beautifully as well as moisturizes. The second item was a Pikachu neutral eye shadow palette, in three colors. This one was a little more expensive for not very much pigmentation, so it was a little bit of a bust but still a decent palette if used with an eye primer. Third was a set of red and black colored mascara. Kim Dao wasn’t a fan of the red mascara but found that it was perfect to fill in her eyebrows to match her red hair. Lastly, the Pikachu cushion blush was a nice, light and natural, pink.


Then, it was on to the skin care. After having tried the Pikachu body lotion, Kim Dao noted that it made her dry skin and eczema feel much better. The Pokémon Buried Digda Peel Off Mask was light and came off easily with no pain, leaving her skin soft. Unlike its matching Digda counterpart, the black head remover pack was quite painful but got the job done. Finally, the Pokémon Sheet Mask (Squirtle edition) which was very moisturizing and, according to Kim Dao, felt really good even though there was “nothing special about that mask”.


Overall, Kim Dao was pleased with the quality of many of the products she featured and the ones she wasn’t a fan of were still alright, in her opinion.


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