Philanthropist, Successful Business Man and Entrepreneur: Raj Fernando

Early in his life, Raj Fernando started his career by volunteering at Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Having gained over ten years experience while in various positions both at CME and Chicago Board of Trade, Raj Fernando started a new company, Chopper Trading. Due to his excellent leadership skills, the Chopper Trading company grew fast to over 300 employees and expanded its trade to LSE, ICE, Eurex, Nasdaq, ICAP-Broketek, and Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed.


Apart from contributing a lot of time in his Chopper Trading company, Raj Fernando has contributed much to Commodity Trading Future Commission (CFTC) where he has greatly supported its mission. CFTC mission is nurturing transparent, competitive, open, and financially sound markets.


Due to the excellent performance, the popular business person’s name hit the newspapers back in 2010 when he greatly contributed on commission’s discussion of disruptive trading practices. Again, in 2013 he handled an exclusive forum by addressing both media and international audience of shareholders at the Annual Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference.


Early this year (2016), Raj surprised many by launching the internet start up Scoutahead. The company’s goal is to enhance professional and corporate growth and productivity through modern communication systems. Raj Fernando is now the chairperson and the CEO of Scoutahead. Apart from being engaged on his work, Raj plays an important part in supporting many philanthropic efforts in both Chicago and United states. Other several programs where you can find his name as a member of board is in Chicago Symphony Orchestra, PAWS, Clinton Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Wounded Warriors.


More importantly, Raj Fernando is one of the board of directors for American Security Project and a member of Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Although he was appointed on advising the secretary of state in 2011, Raj stepped down due to excessive volatility to the international market.

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