Penelope Kokkinides Joins InnovaCare Health Leadership Team

InnovaCare Health is a premier provider of managed healthcare services through models that are cost effective, sustainable and integrated with advanced technologies. The company provides physician practice services, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans. The healthcare provider has made additions to the leadership team to boost proficiency and operations of the organization. One of their notable additions is Penelope Kokkinides who was appointed to serve as the chief administration officer of InnovaCare. Kokkinides is an experienced professional in the health industry with expertise in management of health care processes, organization infrastructure and development of clinical programs.Prior to joining InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides worked at the Centerlight HealthCare as the chief operating officer and executive vice president.

Kokkinides also worked at AmeriChoice as the vice president for care and disease management, and at Touchstone Health as the chief operating officer. Penelope has been in healthcare for two decades, specializing in managed care industry and government programs. In addition to Kokkinides, InnovaCare made two more additions to the team. Jonathan Meyers was appointed as the chief actuary officer. Prior to joining the company, Meyers worked at the Horizon BCBS as the director of actuarial sciences, Medicaid and Medicare. Mike Sortino, who had worked HCC specialty as a financial officer was appointed as chief accounting officer for InnovaCare. Sortino had also previously worked for Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance. He has five years experience in public accounting and twenty years experience in reinsurance and insurance industries.

According to Richard Shinto, the CEO and President of InnovaCare, the three additions have unique skills necessary for the success of the company.Richard Shinto has been in clinical and operation healthcare for more than two decades. He studied B.S. at the University of California then proceeded to State University of New York for his medical degree. Rick Shinto did his MBA at the University of Redlands. Prior to joining InnovaCare, he held the same position at Aveta Inc. Dr. Richard also served at NAMM California as the chief medical officer and at MedPartners as Corporate vice president. After leaving NAMM, he joined the Cal Optima Health Plan California as the chief medical officer. Dr. Rick Shinto is a well known author who has written numerous articles on clinical medicine and healthcare.


Exceptional Medical Journals Published in Oncotarget

Oncotarget is an open access, peer-reviewed medical journal that specializes in the pathological basis of cancers, as well as improving treatments and therapy for cancer patients. The journal is also dedicated to research on enhancing the quality of life and treatment procedures for patients ( Because Oncotarget is open access, it is free to the public to look up and read, and they even offer to print in exceptional situations. The journal employs distinguished scientists and medical professionals such as Mikhail Blagoskionny, many of whom have published multiple works on the advancement of medicine and medical treatments. Visit ResearchGate.Net to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Oncotarget derives from the term “oncology,” which is the study and treatment of tumors both malignant and benign. Many of the articles published through this esteemed journal focus on the causes and implications of tumors that are cancerous in nature, although the success of the journal has invited a wider range of articles over a broad spectrum of topics such as neuroscience, cell biology, cardiology, and various pharmaceutical areas. ( The medical journal is peer-reviewed by a team of highly trained professionals and doctors who are experts in the field, such as Dr. Blagoskionny, who serves as the editor in chief alongside Dr. Andrei Gudkov.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has both an M.D. and a Ph. D. in medicine and cardiology, and is currently a medical professor of oncology at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. He has published numerous medical papers and medical journals, totaling over 250 publications and 25, 000 citations. His works focus on oncology, as well as the aging process and how to use certain cancer-fighting drugs such as rapamycin to increase the average lifespan. Facts

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As of 2016, Oncotarget had an impact factor of 5.008, with over 10,000 citations to works published. This number is expected to rise through 2017 and beyond, especially with new technologies and research coming into the field. In five years time, Oncotarget is projected to reach an impact factor of 5.415. In 2015, Oncotarget was highest ranked among all oncology peer-reviewed journals and remains one of the top scholarly sources for open access medical news and advancement. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

Dr. Shiva Gopal’s Participation in the New MS Treatment, HDTIT/HCT

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is an MD specializing in practicing neurology and psychology in Voorhees, New Jersey. He earned a medical degree from the Government Medical College in 1979 and has experience in the field spanning 40 years. Shiva signed up for residency at the Boston City Hospital and Tufts Medical Center, and currently, practices medicine at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates and has an affiliation with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. Dr. Shiva’s treatment program accepts various insurance plans such as Medicare, Aetna, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. He actively participates in the Medicare program and regularly accepts Medicare assignments, meaning he takes patients who have an approved Medicare amount.

Dr. Shiva Vasishta serves as a member of the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Association Pc Group and is certified by the board of neurology as a licensed practitioner. As a neurologist, Shiva Gopal treats seizures, epilepsy, dementia, headaches, sleep disorders, stroke, neuromuscular ailments and MS. Some medical professionals do not allow direct billing of Medicare, but Shiva allows payment done through the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Association Pc using his NPI number, PECOS PAC ID and the Enrollment ID. Dr. Shiva Gopal’s license allows him to administer the newly approved treatment, HDIT/HCT. The treatment which has proven to be more efficient for long-term MS ailments eliminates the need to retake MS medications in future and reoccurrence of new MS symptoms, progressive disability, and brain lesions. According to the study, the HDIT/HCT treatment is more effective than all MS medications and therapies.

The study to develop the HDIT/HCT treatment, HALT-MS, was conducted with the sponsorship of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. I began in December 2014 with the financial assist of Immune Tolerance Network and concluded on February 1st, 2017. The researchers documented the study in the medical journal, Neurology, of the American Academy of Neurology. According to Daniel Rotrosen, the director of NIAD’s Branch of Transplantation, Allergy, and Immunology, the new MS treatment will be a revolutionary innovation for the medical world. He stated that patients ailing from relapsing MS and those who do not respond to conventional MS therapies would benefit greatly from the HDIT/HCT.