Michael Thoreau Lacey is an accomplished American mathematician. This brilliant mathematician work is about various mathematical branches such as harmonic analysis, probability, and ergodic theory.

Harmonic analysis deals with primary waves that represent functions or signals of mathematical notions. Ergodic theory is closely related to statistical physics and it is a mathematical branch that deals with dynamic systems. Read more: Michael Lacey | About.me and Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

Probability is the mathematical measurement that something is likely to occur. Michael Lacey studied his Ph.D. under the leadership of Walter Philip at the Urbana-Champaign’s University of Illinois.

At the end of his course, he did a thesis on Banach spaces which is a branch of the mathematics section of probability. In addition to this, he also performed calculations related to characteristic empirical functions and he solved a mathematical problem which was about the iterated algorithm law.

The mathematics professor’s first postdoctoral posting, was to Chapel Hill’s University North Carolina and while here he partnered with Walter Philipp once more and they provided proof of the theorem in the central limit.

During his postdoctoral tenure, he also got the chance of being posted to Louisiana State University. The professor had a post at Indiana University between 1989 and 1996 which led him to the receivership of a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

While doing it he got the opportunity of studying for the Hilbert transform bilinear. As result of this, he received the Salem Prize. The mathematician got the award together with Christoph Thiele and Alberto Calderon.

The three mathematicians were awarded for being able to solve the conjecture in the Hilbert transform bilinear in 1996. Alberto Calderon was a well known Argentinean mathematician who developed the Singular Integral Operators theory with his mentor Antoni Zygmund.

From 1996 Michael Lacey has been a mathematics professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology popularly known as Georgia Tech. Michael Lacey and Xiaochun Li partnered in 2004 and their work was rewarded with a Guggenheim Fellowship.

The fellowships are grants that are given by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. The mathematics professor joined the American Mathematical Society in 2012 as a fellow. This board constitutes of proficient mathematicians who are dedicated to the growth and development of mathematics.

Professor Michael Lacey was involved with the Mathematics Genealogy Project. The mathematics professor has been involved with the publication of various books, periodicals, and publications of mathematics.