Doe Deere Builds a New Cosmetics Empire

Any woman that has ever searched for a cosmetics online will see that most of the brands are about the same. They may have different names for their businesses, but most cosmetic leaders offer the same product. What Doe Deere has tried to do in recent years is offer customers a much different alternative. She wanted to create the bold rebellious type of lipstick and eyeliner styles that were not being sold everywhere else. This will be the thing that will cause people to notice her. This would be her competitive advantage when it came to competing against many of the other well established companies that were out there.


It is not the easiest thing in the world to enter the cosmetics business. They are already major players like Covergirl and Mary Kay that have lockdown on a large majority of the industry. Fortunately, social media has allowed Doe Deere to be a threat to these bigger brands. She has managed to avoid most of the traditional methods of marketing and create a whole new wave of digital marketing through social media. She stays connected with her fans.


She has more than a million followers that are checking out her Lime Crime cosmetics brand Instagram profile. People will not find her on television. They will not see Doe Deere in magazines. She has avoided this entire crowd and done her best with the internet environment. This is where she has been able to capitalize on reaching the young millennials. An older age group may not necessarily look to Twitter or Facebook for makeup ideas, but this is essentially where Doe Deere lives. She has created multiple videos where she shows how to apply makeup on Facebook, and she continues to promote her Lime Crime cosmetics company. This is giving her exactly what she needs to succeed in an industry where it can be difficult to penetrate.


Entry is difficult because there are so many companies in place. Many people would assume that Cover Girl has a monopoly, but there is proof of that the industry is open to new products, and Doe Deere feels that the top cosmetic position is hers for the taking.


Lots of young women have been become huge fans of this brand. It is a true departure from what is out there right now. That is why Doe Deere has the ability to become a leader.