Vincent Parascandola is a Broker-dealer of Repute

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President at AXA US, a position he has held for over two years now. His duties involve overseeing the growth and development of over 200 financial professional located in the Central New Jersey Area. He is also tasked with the recruitment and training of new advisors including the sales growth of the company by making sure that his producers improve their productivity by maintaining high profit margins.


Earlier on in his career in the financial industry Parascandola used to work for AXA advisors LLC as the Chief Sales Officer and President for a period of 10 years. During this period he gained a wealth of experience in the industry that catapulted him higher in his career. His main job was to work mostly with High Net Worth Individuals. His business operations were based in New York City. He was a well-known broker-dealer who had over 5400 registered representatives working under him nationwide. He holds an industry securities registration that he acquired 17 years ago which is subject to FINRA and SEC regulations.


According to Rocket Reach, he was also responsible for recruiting, training, sales, productivity and profitability of AXA advisors in the United States. He also worked for AXA as President of the Continental Division from 2009 through to 2012. His area of operation was the North eastern part of the country and was responsible for branch offices of all AXA advisors in California and Hawaii. He was also tasked with management development, human resources, compliance, expense management, operations, recruitment and training in the company.


Vincent Parascandola is, therefore, a highly trained and experienced insurance professional in the industry. He has been able to contribute to the development of AXA as a professional in different levels of management. He is a well-known manager and trainer whose main task is to oversee the overall development of AXA in terms of increased sales volumes and productivity. Given his experience in the industry, Parascandola is poised for even greater achievements as a financial advisor and manager. The name Parascandola has become synonymous with AXA due to his diligent service to the company.

Why Madison Street Capital Rules

For all of the upcoming investors, it remains pertinent to gain worthy advice. Moreover, it remains equally important to gain such advice from a reputable company. With that being said, investors should check out Madison Street Capital. For those unaware, very few companies offer the goods and services that Madison Street Capital offers. Moreover, Madison Street Capital remains an industry leader with a track record of success. Since 2005, the company has used its position to set a higher precedence within the industry. Thanks to their efforts, the company has provided billions of dollars for their clients. Therefore, the Madison Street Capital reputation remains favorable.


In recent news, the company assumed the position of providing exclusive advice to their client ARES Security. Moreover, Madison Street Capital has minority equity and subordinated debt invested in the company. In addition, ARES Security remains a security risk management company based in Vienna, VA. Furthermore, the company provides its clients with top-of-the-line security software solutions. Due to the relationship between both Madison Street Capital and ARES Security, Madison Street Capital initiated the transaction on behalf of the company. Moreover, the secure nature of ARES Security has helped protect countless assets around the world.


Furthermore, Madison Street Capital remains a world-renowned investment banking company. Since the company opened its doors, Madison Street Capital has remained dedicated to providing their clients with favorable and justifiable results. A few of the company’s services include valuation services, financial advice, acquisition expertise, and so forth. Moreover, the company possesses an international install base. Therefore, they ensure their clients’ success by providing superior goods and services. Furthermore, Madison Street Capital assumes the responsibility of their clients regarding financial and investment decisions.


What makes the company different from their competitors includes their ability to thrive in the global economy. Furthermore, they bring their clients’ investments onto the international stage. As a result, they oftentimes experience exponential growth. Due to such care and attention to detail, the company remains one of the most successful investment firms in the world. Moreover, the company has also assisted those in need. For years, the company has remained a strong ally to nonprofit initiatives in the United States. In particular, they remain a committed partner to the United Way. Moreover, the company has provided life-saving support to families during times of a natural disaster. Moreover, the company has provided educational and financial support to these families.


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The Business Journey of Roberto Santiago

A success of Roberto Santiago has been linked to his determinations to hard work. As a young man, Roberto Santiago has tirelessly worked hard to achieve his entrepreneurship ambitions. He gained his Business Administration degree from Marist College and later enhanced at a University Center in Joao Pessoa. He has engaged in various fields of the business including, working in a carton company business in his early age.

He later joined motorsport company which significantly impacted on his ability to perform better. His additional interest he had in the sport, made him achieve many trophies across the region of South America. Moreover, his determination and creativity led him to the blogging community. He joined this activity after he adopted passion in writing. Read more articles on

Other than his writing and blogging skills, he also has a directing and production skills. It has made him famous around the great city of Brazil. His entrepreneurship skill has helped him to interact with various people within the business column. As a result of this, Roberto Santiago established a Megamall around the city of Brazil.

Santiago Manaira is an entire capacity one shop mall within the town of Brazil that is reportedly accumulating much profit. Various business and social, cultural activities are being conducted within this mall. The mall is quietly accommodation in a way that it can accommodate more than 8000 people at ago.

The perfect interactions traits of Robert Santiago has attracted various investors who are now participating around the mall for various business activities. Other than entertainment, this mall has positively contributed to change the lives of individuals within a society regarding employment opportunities and business creation.

According to the market report, Santiago Manaira shopping was viewed as the most liked one shop mall with all the facilities that customer may require. In additions, the mall is known to provide the best recreational site and movie hub center within the city. In his participation in the community, Roberto Santiago has personally supported the future entrepreneurs through educational support.

He achieved this by creating various forums that aimed at enlightening young men with business ideas through the use of technology. He insisted on his remarks, that technological existence can play a better role in a society if well handled. As a business icon, Roberto Santiago has written various inspirational articles trying to put across the ideas of business management techniques.

In one of his article, He advised the society to actively oppose the business drawbacks that may restrict them from participating in the business activities in the world. Other than this, he has managed to gain more followers on social media as people enjoy his model business presentations. At 58, Roberto Santiago is one of the best-celebrated businessmen around the globe. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

For Timothy Armor Customers Come First

When Jim Rothenberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Capital Management Group, passed away the company knew that Timothy Armor was the next in command.

At the time the company was focusing on rebuilding its one point four million dollar assets and they knew that Armor was just the man for the job. Having worked at Capital Management since the day he started in the industry, Armor knew the ends and outs of the company well. He had been Rothenberg’s right hand man at the time of Rothenberg’s passing. He was also the chair of Capital’s Management Group and had helped the company open up on items they had been keeping behind doors. Armor understood that this was important to their business because they are seen as being more trustworthy.

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More recently, Timothy Armor discussed Warren Buffet’s decision to invest. He does note in his first two paragraphs that Buffet has been good in helping people to understand that simple investments for long-term growth are the best way to go about investing in the first place. Going more in detail though, he points out that there is too much debate between passive and active investing and that the ultimate goal should be the happiness of the customer. Throughout the article, Armour notes that customers must come first in every aspect of the investing process. He also notes that investing, no matter what type, is a risk and that there is no crystal ball. Like life itself, investing is an area where people must come first and as Armor says its time to, “talk about the real steps these investors can take to earn higher returns and peace of mind.”

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Madison Street Capital’s Reputation

Madison Street Capital is one of the most innovative investment banking companies based in the United States. Madison Street Capital’s headquarters is in Chicago. However, it has its presence in all the continents of the world. For the company, nothing gives them much honour tan to engage in the independent financial advice to their clients. Madison Street Capital is committed towards excellence, integrity and leadership as a market leader in the solutions they offer to their esteemed customers. Madison Street Capital is always at the forefront in leadership and innovation. For this reason, they have always struggled to be ahead of the rest in what they do.


Madison Street Capital also delivers corporate advice in financial matters to privately and publicly-held businesses. The company has a clear understanding of the meaning of spending less time to assure credibility at whatever the primary goal of their clients is about. For this reason, they are always prompt corporate financial advice and services. In the same course, they are always ready at all times to seize all the opportunities presented to them by their clients. For his reason, Madison Street Capital’ has an approach which has a good capability to create a special kind of corporate financial transaction where both business parties together with the business owners and other interested investors benefit mutually. Madison Street Capital has the experience, knowledge, and relationship to give them the capability to match sellers with the appropriate buyers.


Madison Street Capital reputation methodology applied will always reflect their capability in substantial experience combined with exclusive expertise in all corporate financial areas. Their services also include acquisition with mergers, market pricing with due diligence. Valuation services, specialization financing, deal structuring, implementation with the design of alternative structures for the exit.


For more than two decades, Madison Street Capital has helped numerous clients in many industry verticals o reach their goals promptly. Madison Street Capital understanding and experience in corporate governance and corporate finance is the main reason why they keep leading the in the provision of all their services. Madison Street Capital has offices in Asia, Africa, and North America.


The company is extremely experienced in the provision of:

Corporate Advisory

  • Restructuring of Capital
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • ESOP Advisor Management
  • Services for Reorganization
  • Corporate Management
  • Bankruptcy Management
  • Buy Out Advisory
  • Private Placements


Business Valuation

  • Company Valuation
  • Tax Compliance

Valuation for Financial Reporting

  • Price Purchase Allocations
  • Intangibles and Goodwill Asset Impairment
  • Share-Based Compensation
  • Structured Products for Finance

Financial Opinions

  • Solvency & Capital Adequacy
  • Independent 3rd Party Fairness Opinions

Asset Management Industry Focus

  • Restructuring Service
  • Mergers & Acquisition Service Advisory
  • Portfolio Management and service
  • Financial Coverage Sponsorship



Philanthropist, Successful Business Man and Entrepreneur: Raj Fernando

Early in his life, Raj Fernando started his career by volunteering at Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Having gained over ten years experience while in various positions both at CME and Chicago Board of Trade, Raj Fernando started a new company, Chopper Trading. Due to his excellent leadership skills, the Chopper Trading company grew fast to over 300 employees and expanded its trade to LSE, ICE, Eurex, Nasdaq, ICAP-Broketek, and Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed.


Apart from contributing a lot of time in his Chopper Trading company, Raj Fernando has contributed much to Commodity Trading Future Commission (CFTC) where he has greatly supported its mission. CFTC mission is nurturing transparent, competitive, open, and financially sound markets.


Due to the excellent performance, the popular business person’s name hit the newspapers back in 2010 when he greatly contributed on commission’s discussion of disruptive trading practices. Again, in 2013 he handled an exclusive forum by addressing both media and international audience of shareholders at the Annual Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference.


Early this year (2016), Raj surprised many by launching the internet start up Scoutahead. The company’s goal is to enhance professional and corporate growth and productivity through modern communication systems. Raj Fernando is now the chairperson and the CEO of Scoutahead. Apart from being engaged on his work, Raj plays an important part in supporting many philanthropic efforts in both Chicago and United states. Other several programs where you can find his name as a member of board is in Chicago Symphony Orchestra, PAWS, Clinton Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Wounded Warriors.


More importantly, Raj Fernando is one of the board of directors for American Security Project and a member of Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Although he was appointed on advising the secretary of state in 2011, Raj stepped down due to excessive volatility to the international market.

Detail about Raj: