Bruno Fagali Promising Career Journey

Bruno Fagali has been able to successfully work hard over the past few years for his career success. He has also been able to dedicate his time and expertise properly for the growth of his small law firm become a reputable establishment.

Bruno Fagali has been able to go through the required academic cycle before starting to practice as a lawyer. He graduated from Pontifical Catholic University in 2009 where he earned his bachelors degree in law. He later went back to the same university for a specialization course in Administrative law. In 2015, he joined the University of Sao Paulo for a masters degree in State Law. That was a tremendous achievement for his budding career. Find out more about Fagali at

Bruno has later on attended several internships at various universities. He was able to do volunteer work during his journey as a student of law. He was able to amass a wealth of skills from Getulio Vargas Foundation as well as his ordinary course that he took.

Bruno was able to get more internships at the model Dom whereby he concentrated most on family law and procedural law. After the successful courses, he was lucky to get a job at Radi, Calil and Associate Advocacy. He specialized in litigation and public law. In 2015, Bruno Fagali got a job as the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova. His work is to design, implement and manage the compliance of the agency.

In 2016, Bruno decided to establish his own business, Fagali Advocacy. The firm specializes in anti-corruption law, public law, election law as well as compliance. The advocacy is small but has been recognized across the whole of Brazil as one of the firms with very high potential. Bruno has been able to employ willing staff who are working towards realizing the company’s overall goal.

Fagali has published so many articles that have helped so many people understand the simple law procedures. He has also been very keen on answering questions that people keep on asking. His approach to many things have made him a great person in matters to do with career growth. Bruno Fagali for sure has great potential.

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Financier and Humanitarian- Peter Briger

Peter Briger is the man behind the success of one of the leading alternative asset managers in the world; Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger is an expert in the financial industry and has gained vast experience and skills in the sector. Mr. Peter joined the alternative asset management group in 2002, and he climbed the career ladder when he was appointed as the Principle and the Co-Chairman of the alternative asset group. After his appointment, Peter Briger was responsible for building the companies real estate business as well as securities. Peter Briger was determined to take the firm to another level, and in 2015 he selected a team which helped in raising $4.7 billion to establish a new section of Fortress Investment Group; Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV. Mr. Peter has helped Fortress expand by buying distressed assets from other sectors and selling them at a higher price making profit.

Prior to joining Fortress Investment Capital, Briger served at Goldman Sachs and Co. for over 15 years, and while still working at the organization he became a partner in the firm in 1996. While working at Goldman Sachs and Co. Briger had an opportunity to show his leadership skills by serving in different committees among them Global Control and Compliance Committee, Japanese Executive Committee as well as the Asian Management Committee.Peter Briger has always wanted to work hard and is very determined to lead organizations to success. At Goldman Sachs and Co. Peter co-founded a particular group which was responsible for the firm’s primary revenue stream in mid-2000 when the economy was facing the Great Recession, and due to his skills, and experience in the financial knowledge, Goldman Sachs and Co survived the Great Recession.

His experience and abilities were earned when he joined Princeton University in 1986 for his Bachelors of Arts, and later he graduated with a Masters in Business Administration from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Besides finance and leadership, Peter Briger is also a humanitarian who has been supporting the community in many ways. Peter has been funding his former school Princeton University together with two of his colleagues by offering gifts to alma mater in 2015 during a course of developing a pilot funding program. The program was known as Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund. Peter is 43 years, and he has been listed by Forbes as number 47 among the world wealthiest individuals in the world.

Growth of Fortress Investment Group Skyrockets through Effective Operations Management

The growth of a company is grounded on a combination of very many factors. This has not been an exception for Fortress Investment Group. Having started as a private equity firm in 1998, the Fortress has tremendously grown over the years to become the magnificent alternative asset manager that it is. Five principal factors have led to the glory of Fortress Group:The first one is its effectiveness in operations management. Fortress Investment Group possesses robust tools that it has developed to help them extract value from their complex investments that it makes. The firm is also highly proficient in the evaluation of strategic, operational and structural facts on the ground during the management of its portfolios.Another area of competence that propels the company’s performance and growth is its vast industrial knowledge. Fortress Investment Group has been in the investment industry for two decades. During this period, Fortress has managed to establish strong professional relationships with prominent stakeholders of other organizations in the industry. This has enabled the firm to enter into very essential and productive business relationships with other companies through mergers and acquisitions and also partnerships.

Having an asset-based investment strategy is also another critical success factor for Fortress Investment Group. The firm’s private equity and credit funds are the main investment vehicles that it has. However, Fortress has moved a step further manage other assets like capital, real estate and other financial vehicles capable of generating long-term cash flow for the company. The company’s expertise in pricing, managing, owning, and financing both physical and financial assets enables the smooth maintenance of its investment balance.The special expertise possessed by Fortress Group in managing mergers and acquisition has also been a significant boost to the company’s growth. In July 2017, SoftBank Group Corporation, a Japanese multinational acquired Fortress Group for $3.3 billion in cash. This transaction saw the outstanding Fortress shares transfer their ownership to SoftBank. However, the three principals of Fortress will continue to lead the organization as it runs its operations independently but under SoftBank.

About Fortress

As big as the firm is, Fortress Group continues to prioritize its clients’ satisfaction before anything else. This has made the company to open satellite offices all over the world to ensure adequate client reach. It has also established an additional headquarter in San Francisco and two more in Shanghai and Singapore. To enhance its customer service, Fortress has also employed additional employees to make a total of 1,100 employees by the end of 2017.

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Up close with Lori Senecal.

A good leader is one who influences positively in a company, Lori Senecal is one of the exceptional leaders. Her work as the CEO at CP+B’s Global has not gone unnoticed she has lead to the expansion of the company formation of new and positive work culture as well as new business deals. Under her leadership, the company has experienced tremendous growth, and she has also cultivated innovation and encourages and supports her employees to come up with solutions that will help attract even more clients leading to more profits to the company.

Apart from being in the advertising industry, Lori has also managed to work in different companies in different capacities. Lori’s exceptional work has put her on the global platform as one of the most successful career women. She was honored at AWNY Game Changer Awards and in 2014 was recognized as “Women to Watch.”



Lori Senecal’s day starts off with exercise according to Lori exercise helps blood to flow o her head making her fresh and ready for the day. Soon after she meets with her team, Lori then meets with her clients and though each day is different Lori tries to stay productive by making a plan and placing her priorities right this helps her stay focused on what is important and what is expected of her. Lori believes that her leadership team helps her to stay productive in her career.

In advertising it important to stay creative, and thus have a plan on how to bring ideas to life. One of the ways that Lori manage to bring her ideas to life is through discussions, this helps her see different dimensions, and with the help of her strong team, she can assemble the strong opinions to reality.

As a leader one habit that has helped Lori to stay productive is staying focused on the execution, when you have a vision, you already know what it is you are working towards. To achieve this having a well-executed plan on how to undertake the required tasks have helped her achieve success as the CEO.

Final remarks from Lori Senecal, for an idea to be great it is important to ensure that the idea is realized and the mission achieved. You can visit their Twitter page.



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Boraie Development and involvment with real Estate

New Jersey is a special state. Its sandwiched in between New York and Pennsylvania. With that you have a lot of people that operate in all states and commutes from Jersey. Though, the state has had problems with its economy and poverty issues. Another issue the state can add to the list is expensive real estate. New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states in the country but the economy has suffered. It doesn’t have a super industry with Southern California and New York. A lot of the citizens are working blue-collar jobs where they can’t afford apartments. The information was published through


Unfortunately, Jersey has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. Now this isn’t a surprise to the mayors of Jersey City and Newark, reveals Wall-Street Journal. They have dealt with the issue of years with expensive real estate in lose-lose situations. The real estate agencies can’t profit when they can’t afford to price their properties for a lower price and no one can afford it. Some are hopeful for the future and many determined individuals have proposed bills that help people that are earning a lower income. With the right decisions and funding any problem can be solved in New Jersey.


The problem is with the wealthier citizens of Jersey. In order to help people in poverty, the government has to establish programs to help people. To pay for these programs, it comes in taxes. The wealthier people in the state don’t want to pay these taxes and are willing to move out of the state. Also, some of them disagree with the reasons for them paying more money. Some citizens will become prideful and decide they don’t want to help other people that are struggling in Jersey. The recession of 2008 is still hitting the economy in Jersey to an extent.


Boraie Development is a real estate company established by Omar Boraie dedicated to serving clients with nice locations. They offer a lot of services such as property management and marketing. They believe they work with the strongest financial institutions. Their goal is to create a better environment for the market.


Former superstar athlete Shaquille O’Neal went back to his hometown of Newark to help Boraie in a development partnership. For these concepts, they have not been seen in Newark in over a century. With others they will grow and claim their title as the best real estate company in Jersey.


Life Long Philanthropist George Soros

George Soros has spent a lifetime as a leading funder for Democratic politics and a constant proverbial boogeyman for Republicans. Born in Hungry, he later fled the country and put himself through the London School of Economics with his wages from working as a railway porter and a waiter. The 85-year-old philanthropist has called New York his home for decades. After getting his start in finance at a merchant bank he has been working as a finical trader, where he has amassed an estimated $24.9 billion fortune through high-risk currency trades over the years. With this fortune, George Soros has dedicated himself to furthering the causes he feels strongly about, both including Democratic Party causes and beyond to liberal causes in general. He has always been politically active.

However, with the recent election and the events leading up to it, he has become more active in politics than he had been in quite some time. Politico notes that Soros had donated $7 million to a super PAC supporting Clinton called Priorities USA Action, according to FEC filings. This would make it the biggest recipient of his political assistance that cycle.In addition to this, Soros is also an advent supporter of the group End Citizens United, a group dedicated to reforming the elections and the disastrous ruling that idea that “corporations are people”

That allows unlimited contributions from corporations for special interest groups. He gifted the group a $5,000 check last election cycle, the maximum he could legally give to that group.On top of all of his political donations, George Soros also gives heavily to other causes. He is the owner and donator of his own international foundations. These foundations have donated more than $13 billion over the past 30 years to nonprofits that work to defend human rights, as well as foundations that help reform the democratic development in Eastern Europe and assist in getting access to healthcare and education in the U.S. and all across the globe.

For Timothy Armor Customers Come First

When Jim Rothenberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Capital Management Group, passed away the company knew that Timothy Armor was the next in command.

At the time the company was focusing on rebuilding its one point four million dollar assets and they knew that Armor was just the man for the job. Having worked at Capital Management since the day he started in the industry, Armor knew the ends and outs of the company well. He had been Rothenberg’s right hand man at the time of Rothenberg’s passing. He was also the chair of Capital’s Management Group and had helped the company open up on items they had been keeping behind doors. Armor understood that this was important to their business because they are seen as being more trustworthy.

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More recently, Timothy Armor discussed Warren Buffet’s decision to invest. He does note in his first two paragraphs that Buffet has been good in helping people to understand that simple investments for long-term growth are the best way to go about investing in the first place. Going more in detail though, he points out that there is too much debate between passive and active investing and that the ultimate goal should be the happiness of the customer. Throughout the article, Armour notes that customers must come first in every aspect of the investing process. He also notes that investing, no matter what type, is a risk and that there is no crystal ball. Like life itself, investing is an area where people must come first and as Armor says its time to, “talk about the real steps these investors can take to earn higher returns and peace of mind.”

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