Boraie Development and involvment with real Estate

New Jersey is a special state. Its sandwiched in between New York and Pennsylvania. With that you have a lot of people that operate in all states and commutes from Jersey. Though, the state has had problems with its economy and poverty issues. Another issue the state can add to the list is expensive real estate. New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states in the country but the economy has suffered. It doesn’t have a super industry with Southern California and New York. A lot of the citizens are working blue-collar jobs where they can’t afford apartments. The information was published through


Unfortunately, Jersey has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. Now this isn’t a surprise to the mayors of Jersey City and Newark, reveals Wall-Street Journal. They have dealt with the issue of years with expensive real estate in lose-lose situations. The real estate agencies can’t profit when they can’t afford to price their properties for a lower price and no one can afford it. Some are hopeful for the future and many determined individuals have proposed bills that help people that are earning a lower income. With the right decisions and funding any problem can be solved in New Jersey.


The problem is with the wealthier citizens of Jersey. In order to help people in poverty, the government has to establish programs to help people. To pay for these programs, it comes in taxes. The wealthier people in the state don’t want to pay these taxes and are willing to move out of the state. Also, some of them disagree with the reasons for them paying more money. Some citizens will become prideful and decide they don’t want to help other people that are struggling in Jersey. The recession of 2008 is still hitting the economy in Jersey to an extent.


Boraie Development is a real estate company established by Omar Boraie dedicated to serving clients with nice locations. They offer a lot of services such as property management and marketing. They believe they work with the strongest financial institutions. Their goal is to create a better environment for the market.


Former superstar athlete Shaquille O’Neal went back to his hometown of Newark to help Boraie in a development partnership. For these concepts, they have not been seen in Newark in over a century. With others they will grow and claim their title as the best real estate company in Jersey.


Oncotarget 2017, a Study Links Reduction-Oxidation to Cancer Development

Oxidative stress is caused by lack of balancebetween the process of reactive oxygen species nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) generation and the oxidants defensive mechanism. Recent studies have proven that oxidative stress can cause cancer or lead to its development. It does this by causing molecular damage and interfering with reduction-oxidation (redox) signalling.

Various studies have shown that oxidative stress increases the vulnerability of some cancer sites to risk factors. The studies revealed 20 most common pathways which were grouped into three categories. The studies also found out that cancer transformation causes aerobic glycolysis which then enhances the cancer cell assimilation to hypoxia.

Currently, more studies on the link between redox signalling pathways and cancer development arebeing done. Such studies will help in the development of drugs that target those sites. Those working in this area believe that significant advancement will be maderegarding cancer treatment and prevention shortly.

Oncotarget to Increase Weekly Issues to Two

On Sept. 19, 2017, it was reported that Oncotarget would not only be producing two issues in a week but also make them available on various high-level indexes and archives. Readers will access the publications on PubMed, Scopus, and EMBASE among other prominent indexes. Oncotarget is considering working with the National Library of Medicine to become the only journal that posts an issue to PubMed shortly after online publications.

Octotarget has been able to make scientificresults available to more people faster by working with authoritative scientific indexes and archives. As a result, researchers, medical practitioners, and all people in general, have benefited from this collaboration. The decision to publish two issues in a week is expected to enhance the indexing process.Oncotarget will be publishingthe two issues on every Tuesday and Friday.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a medical journal that publishes studies in cancer research and oncology. In addition, the journal covers other studies such as endocrinology, pathology, age-linked illness, physiology, and immunology. The journal works towards making rapid publication of excellent studies. Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals and was started in 2010. The peer-reviewed open access journal’s editors-in-chief Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov have extensive knowledge on cancer and other issues related to human health.


Richard Mishaan Uniqueness in Design

Richard Mishaan is a master in interior design that is known all over the United States. He has a reputation of using ingenuity in creating peaceful homes in Richard Mishaan designs. He is specialized both in residential homes to interior hotel designs. He is a well known transformative designer with a mix of lighting and furniture. He uses the seventeenth console incongruent items to joint with a modern-day sculpture to come up with an agreeable full mix.

In Richard Mishaan designs, he has a variety of work that can bring together iconic furniture, pattern and house arts in the same venue. His work is displayed in the hotels in Colombia, residences of Florida, Dominican Republic and New York. His every single work in design is a footprint imprinted in the world of design.

The uniqueness of Richard Mishaan design is that it is better to have an eye than money. He follows his philosophy and one of his couches is over twenty years old. This is an indication to the people that if you buy something good, it is likely to sustain you a lifetime. He has furniture shop in Greenwich Village selling both contemporary and vintage furniture. The furniture stock in the shop is transformed four times every year. By every change, the composition becomes lighter and lighter. His main aim is to transform a small place into a splendid beauty that is magical.

His home displays his unique designs. This is evidently so because the housed in which he lived for eighteen years with his family is a collection of beautiful furniture transforming it into a museum standard. In the park facing the living room, there is an art of colorful design that is meant to show appreciation for beauty. The ceiling is from original wood reflecting Spanish touch. The kitchen is pale blue and white while the bathroom wall expresses the 19-century scene by the famous Italian painter.