End Citizen United Continues to Fight for Campaign Financing Reforms

End citizen united is a political action committee, PAC funded by the grassroots. The formation of the PAC resulted from the Supreme Court’s ruling in 2010 that allowed corporate entities (citizen united) to finance political campaigns. The decision led to the creation of super-PACs which spend an unlimited amount of money in support of an individual. ECU’s primary objective is to champion for political reforms and eventual reversal of the ruling.

To achieve its goal, End Citizen United actively supports and campaigns for candidates who champion for changes in the campaign system. It also helps individuals who have been victims of corporate entities, mega donors, dark money and special interest groups. Though formed in 2010, the official launching of End Citizen United was in March 2015. Since then it has created significant ripples in the political arena.

End Citizen United first participated in political elections in the 2016 cycle. During the period, it raised $ 25 million which it used to help in the election of 15 new members of the Congress. It was the third largest spending PAC in the election. Additionally, the PAC together with other groups aided in the election of Jon Ossof on the April 18th, 2017 Georgia’s special election. ECU contributed approximately $900,000 towards the same.

From the beginning of 2017, End Citizen United has conducted a series of endorsements in preparation for the 2018 cycle. They have endorsed individuals whom it will support during the elections. Its final endorsements occurred in May when it recommended three people, Bob Casey, Heidi Heitkamp and Sheldon Whitehouse. The three will represent Pennsylvania, North Dakota and Rhodes Island respectively. These individuals are expected to garner massive support in these regions as it has more than 143,000 grassroots members of the ECU.

In addition to endorsements, the ECU has carried out fundraising campaigns to marshal its donors to contribute towards the course. Within the first three months, the PAC had raised $ 4 million from donations from its small-dollar donors. More than 100,000 people participated among which 40% were first-time donors. The increased number of donors is possibly a sign that more people are willing to support reforms in campaign financing legislation. The PAC aims at raising $ 35 million by the beginning of the 2018 cycle campaigns.

Even though ECU needs money, it does not accept donations more than $ 5000 from an individual. The limit was the standard for traditional PACs before the Supreme Court allowed dark money and corporate to finance campaigns. Average single contribution in the recent campaigns was $12 according to the president of End Citizen United, Tiffany Mueller. The PAC is willing to work with all individuals and groups as long as they support reforms in campaign legislation.


The Traveling Vineyard Believes French Wine Routes Can Change The Outlook Of Many On Fine Wines

The nation of France is the world’s largest wine producer with the majority of regions in the country producing wines because of the unique climate and soil conditions that make this the top country for wine production on the planet.

The Traveling Vineyard makes it easy for any individual to get their hands on some of the best fine wines in the world, but for those who wish to get a more authentic experience of French wine production, there are many wine routes guiding individuals around regions to the best vineyards and wineries.

French wine routes have been created to guide a visitor to a specific region of the best options across the area for finding their way around some of the world’s leading wine producers who open their doors many times during each week to allow customers to enjoy wines in the beautiful surroundings of some of the most impressive areas of France. The most famous wine route in the world is often described as the N74 route taking in a long stretch of road and includes a number of signposted vineyards and wineries for visitors to enjoy.

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Many different areas of France can be explored with the use of a wine route, but for some the opportunity to explore wine from the comfort of their own home is best taken by working with a Wine Guide from The Traveling Vineyard. One of the best aspects of hosting or attending a wine tasting with The Traveling Vineyard comes from taking the opportunity to be among friends enjoying the expert advice and tips on tasting wines provided by an experienced Guide.

The social media posts from The Traveling Vineyard show just how much fun can be had by those who choose to work as a Wine Guide or host a wine tasting in the comfort of their own home. Not only does The Traveling Vineyard post images of the parties their Wine Guides are part of, but they also look to show the many different foods that can be paired with a wine specifically chosen by the experts at The Traveling Vineyard.

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A Detailed Focus on the Career Journey and Successes of Duda Melzer

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or commonly known as Duda Melzer is one of the prominent business executives in Brazil and the world. A significant portion of his repute stems from his role as the chairperson and president of Grupo RBS, which is a leading Brazilian media corporation. Additionally, Duda Melzer is the chairman and brains behind the formation of e.Bricks, which is an investment firm that focuses on the digital industry. It mainly operates in the USA and Brazil.

Duda Melzer Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho’s grandson. As such, he is a third generation member of the Sirotsky family. Academic wise, he holds a business administration undergraduate degree from the popular Pontifical Catholic University based in Rio Grande do Sul and a master of business administration degree from Harvard Business School.

Career Journey

Duda’s career began while he was in the US after completing his MBA. Before he went back to Brazil to join the family business, he worked for several companies in the United States. In fact, he held various roles such as senior financial analyst at Delphi Corporation and the CEO of BoxTop Media, a media company.

After returning to Brazil, he held several positions at Grupo RBS such as the director general for the national market in 2004. This role was accompanied by a promotion to VP of market development and business in 2008. After two years, Duda ascended the corporate ladder to become executive VP of the company. In 2012, he assumed the role of president, which was followed by the chairperson position in 2016.


In 2015, Duda Melzer was selected to join the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise’s list of leaders. Also in 2015, he received the (Ernst e Young) Entrepreneur of the Year award in the family business category. In addition, Duda was also honored with the Merit in Business Administration in the Private Sector.

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The Brilliance of Aloha Construction

With the residents of Northern Illinois having faced the storms, high winds, and hail from the previous weather, Aloha Construction Inc. is looking forward to the task of a new siding and roofing period. Aloha Construction serves Southern Wisconsin along with Illinois. The company has gone ahead to ease the stress of homeowners by creating a website which can quickly provide them with specialized assistance with the click of a button. Aloha Construction is aiming to achieve their promise of providing quality dwellings by launching a service that entails interior restoration, which shall be announced at the beginning of May.



The Aloha Construction CEO and President, David Farbaky, states that in 2013 they were extremely excited to have finished about 7000 jobs in Illinois alone. Now in this year, they completed 20,000 projects, and in the year 2015, they had a goal to provide great service to Southern Illinois residents via the Bloomington Office and since then, it has almost as much workload as the one in Lake Zurich. This year, Aloha Construction aims to ease the lives of Midwest residents, and they are always centred on making their clients feel and be more secure while at home. Recently, Aloha Construction has launched a new branch which shall be centred on interior restoration projects, water extraction, natural disaster aid, clean up, bathroom, basement and kitchen remodelling as well.



Despite having provided these services involved in remodelling ever since 2008, it was offered to the residents and homeowners despite the team already handled, although, quite casually. Because Aloha Construction has been doing these remodelling services for a long time now, they are now finally confident enough to introduce a remodelling branch which shall stand by itself to provide the kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodelling services by itself. Aloha Construction intends for the branch to be launched nearby the Lake Zurich HQ in early May.


Lake Zurich

Hussain Sajwani: Bringing Glamour And Glitz To Dubai One Tower At A Time

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner and chairman of DAMAC Properties, Dubai’s largest residential property developer, started his empire with a humble catering company. After graduating from the University of Washington in the United States, Sajwani accepted a position with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; however, he knew that he wanted to start his own business. In 1982, Sajwani started a catering venture that served the U.S. Army and private companies with a presence in the Middle East.


While Hussain Sajwani’s catering company because very successful, in 2002, he established DAMAC Properties. The company specializes in lavish homes in collaboration with recognizable luxury brands in major cities, including Doha, Amman, Beirut, Riyadh and London. One of Hussain Sajwani’s developments, DAMAC Hills, features a course designed by Tiger Woods for a golf club managed by the Trump Organization. Trump had invited the Hussain Sajwani family to the U.S. in the past; however, since he is the President now, Trump must excuse himself from making plans for future developments in Dubai, which the Trump Organization will handle. However, President Trump can remain friends with Hussain Sajwani and his family.


DAMAC Towers by Paramount Hotels & Resorts brings Hollywood glamour to Dubai’s Burj area with 1,200 new residences and high-end shopping. Housed in one of the four towers, the Paramount Hotel will have over 800 and suites to take advantage of Dubai’s reputation as a leisure destination for discriminating travelers. The Paramount Hotel in Dubai on the Jumeirah Waterfront and the DAMAC Tower by Paramount Hotels & Resorts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are in the planning stages.


DAMAC International, another of Hussain Sajwani’s companies in the DAMAC Group, will be developing Port Sultan Qaboos in Oman in a joint venture with Omran’s government. Other companies in the DAMAC Group include DICO Investments and DAMAC Maison, which operates high-end hotels and resorts.