The Exemplary Career of Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny

Besides, he is a professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York. As a young boy, Blagosklonny had an intense love for humanity and a vision of having a disease-free community on, a factor that drove him into his career path. He earned his MD in Internal Medicine from the Medical University of St. Petersburg, and later got a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology from the same university. In 2002, he was made the associate professor of medicine at the New York Medical College. Before joining the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in 2009, the distinguished professor on served as a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute.

His Career at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

While at Roswell College, the professor on has devoted most of his time in studying cancer including therapies to protect normal and healthy cells from getting damaged. Besides, he has interests in understanding the underlying mechanism of aging and anti- aging drugs. His vast experience and excellent achievements have made him become one of the most reputed and outstanding Oncology researchers.

His Editorial Activities

Blagosklonny is an author of more than 300 research articles, book chapters and reviews in Oncotarget and other publishing journal. His research on Oncotarget ranges from clinical investigations to cellular and molecular biology. He is also the founding editor and editor-in- chief of the cell cycle. Moreover, he is an Associate Editor of cancer biology and therapy,Oncotarget, PLOS ONE, American Journal of Pathology, Cell death, cancer research, International Journal of Cancer and Autophagy. In these articles, he has written about ontogenesis, tumor suppressors, apoptosis, anticancer therapeutics, mitosis, drug resistance for healthy cells, and signal transduction among many others.

About TOR Hypothesis

Blagosklonny developed a hypothesis regarding TOR (Target of Rapamycin) signaling potential role in Cancer and aging. He proposed the use of Rapamycin, which is a popular cancer drug to be a possible treatment for life extension. The professor is considered to be the most enthusiastic advocate for Rapamycin in longevity research for Oncotarget.

Madison Street Capital’s Reputation

Madison Street Capital is one of the most innovative investment banking companies based in the United States. Madison Street Capital’s headquarters is in Chicago. However, it has its presence in all the continents of the world. For the company, nothing gives them much honour tan to engage in the independent financial advice to their clients. Madison Street Capital is committed towards excellence, integrity and leadership as a market leader in the solutions they offer to their esteemed customers. Madison Street Capital is always at the forefront in leadership and innovation. For this reason, they have always struggled to be ahead of the rest in what they do.


Madison Street Capital also delivers corporate advice in financial matters to privately and publicly-held businesses. The company has a clear understanding of the meaning of spending less time to assure credibility at whatever the primary goal of their clients is about. For this reason, they are always prompt corporate financial advice and services. In the same course, they are always ready at all times to seize all the opportunities presented to them by their clients. For his reason, Madison Street Capital’ has an approach which has a good capability to create a special kind of corporate financial transaction where both business parties together with the business owners and other interested investors benefit mutually. Madison Street Capital has the experience, knowledge, and relationship to give them the capability to match sellers with the appropriate buyers.


Madison Street Capital reputation methodology applied will always reflect their capability in substantial experience combined with exclusive expertise in all corporate financial areas. Their services also include acquisition with mergers, market pricing with due diligence. Valuation services, specialization financing, deal structuring, implementation with the design of alternative structures for the exit.


For more than two decades, Madison Street Capital has helped numerous clients in many industry verticals o reach their goals promptly. Madison Street Capital understanding and experience in corporate governance and corporate finance is the main reason why they keep leading the in the provision of all their services. Madison Street Capital has offices in Asia, Africa, and North America.


The company is extremely experienced in the provision of:

Corporate Advisory

  • Restructuring of Capital
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • ESOP Advisor Management
  • Services for Reorganization
  • Corporate Management
  • Bankruptcy Management
  • Buy Out Advisory
  • Private Placements


Business Valuation

  • Company Valuation
  • Tax Compliance

Valuation for Financial Reporting

  • Price Purchase Allocations
  • Intangibles and Goodwill Asset Impairment
  • Share-Based Compensation
  • Structured Products for Finance

Financial Opinions

  • Solvency & Capital Adequacy
  • Independent 3rd Party Fairness Opinions

Asset Management Industry Focus

  • Restructuring Service
  • Mergers & Acquisition Service Advisory
  • Portfolio Management and service
  • Financial Coverage Sponsorship



Brian Bonar; the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation

Brian Bonar is an investor and a prominent entrepreneur. He is the chairman and the current Chief Operating Office of the Dalrada financial corporation. Over the years of his career, he has developed a vast knowledge and expertise in design development, site building design, contract administration and procurement.

He has established himself as a leader in business and build is reputation due to his passion for helping his clients and also team members achieve their goals.


Brian Bonar attended the James Watt Technical College between 1963 and 1969 where he did his bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. In 1973, he joined Stafford University and did his masters in Mechanical Engineering. It is his technical knowledge that has partly propelled him to attain success in business.


Brian began his career soon after his bachelor degree in 1969 at the IBM Company. He was the procurement manager of the company, and he was responsible for outsourcing the motherboards for their PCs.

He worked in this position for 16 years until 1985 when he left the company. He soon joined the QMS the same year as the Director of Engineering. In the company, he was given the mandate of managing approximately 100 engineers. He worked in this position between 1985 and 1989 when he left and joined Rastek Corporation.

He left the company in August 1993 and joined Adaptec the following month. In this company, he worked as the sales manager. He worked in this position for one year one month before joining the Beizer systems. He was the CEO and the founder of the company.

In October 1995, Brian becomes the vice president of the sales and marketing department at the its imaging technologies. He left the company in 1999 after four years.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar becomes the president of Allegiant Professional Business Services in 2008 and served in the same position for two years.

He is the CEO and chairman of Dalrada financial services a position he has held since 1999. He also became the chairman and CEO of Trucept since 2011.

His top skills

Through the different position he has served in, Brian has gained different skills that include;

  • Marketing strategy
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Business development
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Start-ups
  • Executive management
  • Consulting
  • Contract negotiation

His different interests include; boating, family, and golf. He has also received different awards and honors in his career path.


Fabletics Is A Rising Star In The World Of Activewear

However, an shift in economics has created and environment where that alone is not enough for a brand to stay competitive. In order to overcome this challenge, younger brands like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics have added things like exclusive design, customer experience and brand recognition to their strategy for offering modern customers a high-value shopping experience.


Fabletics is a brand that was created in 2013 by JustFab Inc. Co-CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, in association with famed actress Kate Hudson. They offer stylish, high quality gear and activewear at an accessible price point both online and in physical stores across the country. By combining an inspirational message with convenience and attractive membership packages, Fabletics has managed to achieve amazing growth since its creation three years ago.


Today, with an annual growth of 35 per cent, it’s evident that the company’s vision is working to its advantage. In a world where Amazon controls 20% of all e-commerce market, this kind of success is rare for a young brand. Despite the difficult current economic climate, it has managed to grow into a 250 million dollar brand within a very short time frame.

The success of this strategy is made evident through the expansion the company is currently experiencing. One example of said expansion is the fact that this year the brand will be opening more physical stores, adding to the 16 that are already open across the entire country. These new stores will continue to operate within the same vein as the already existent ones, providing a physical location where customers can find the hottest and most demanded items available online.


The secret for this success, according to the General Manager of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, is building a modern and re-imagined version of “high-value brand” from the start. “Our membership model is what allows us to offer personalized service and on-trend fashion at half the price of our competitors,” he said. “It’s just a lot easier to make people happy when you know who they are and what they want.”


In addition to having created a very strong online presence, Fabletics has succeeded in making its physical locations an important part of its overall operation. The result has been a higher level of engagement by the public, accompanied by the type of brand loyalty that generates direct sales.


Fabletics has even managed to turn showrooming into a positive thing by building trustful relationships and getting to know the local public through events and activities. As a result, 30 to 50% of the people that walk into one of the Fabletics stores are already members, with another 25% become members once inside. Both online and physical stores are synchronized in such a way that anything a customer tries in the store goes into their virtual shopping cart as well.

NTC inc. updates website in a bid to curb title defects

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the most established companies in the real estate business. over 70% of all residential mortgage companies pledge their loyalty to NTC. This is because the firm has been known to do accurate research, and produce processed documents of high quality. NTC’s boss, John Hillman, attributes the success of the company to the way it runs its activities. Hillman notes that the company first understands the needs of its clients. It then works to have the end results comply with the needs. Property reports are then customized accordingly, with the data sets included being fully correct.

Less than two years ago, NTC came up with reforms to minimize title defects, which caused major problems in the real estate market. They cause foreclosures which are undesirable. Furthermore, title defects hugely contribute to making the smooth transition of assets stagnant, mostly within the secondary market. NTC established that ensuring property records were accurate would greatly reduce the number of title defects.

– Whether the wordings in them comply with the standards of the area.

– Whether all important signatures that may be needed during transactions are present.

– Any other encumbrances that should have been corrected but have not.

– Whether the correct filling procedures were followed when the real estate documents were being recorded.

By checking for all the above anomalies, Hillman believes that title defects will be a thing of the past.

About Nationwide Title Clearing

NTC falls under the Bond and Mortgage companies category. It was founded in 1992, with head offices in Florida, specifically Palm Harbor. Its revenue each year is approximated to fall between $100 to $500 million. The number of staff that NTC employees each year lie between 100 to 249. Under this company category, NTC functions to keep land records of residential mortgage companies across the country.

To better its services, the company recently opened new offices in Dallas, Texas. According to John Hillman, the firm’s CEO, the site will not only serve as a disaster recovery center, but will also help the company offload overflowing work from its head offices to Dallas. The firm is expected to put about 150 employees in the new facility.

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