The Amazing New Online Presence Of The U.S. Mint

The U.S. Money Reserve has improved their companies online presence. shows they are a major leader in the industry of precious metals. The company has always held to their values, reflecting both commitment and trust. They believe all of their clients are entitled to the best customer service possible. For this reason, they have completely redesigned their website. They have added beautiful photo’s of Phillip N. Diehl. This is the extremely distinguished man, who is the leader of the U.S. Mint.

This online site will provide consumers with both silver and gold billion at prices that are of a competitive nature. Also available are coins that have a PCGS certification. The site offers the ability to sign up for a kit with a lot of free information pertaining to gold. There is a knowledge center with current information relating to the minting, grading and purchasing of coins as well. The Gold News Room has updates on all of the markets dealing with precious metals.

The U.S. Money Reserve is also able to make direct contact with their clients to provide private consultations, offer any special releases that are available, and give whatever assistance is needed to make a purchase. They have a guarantee they call BuyBack, which offers a 100% refund on all orders placed for coins, as long as it is within a thirty day period. When this is combined with a shipping method that is both insured, and extremely quick, customers are getting excited about what is available at the U.S Money Reserve.

The U.S. Money Reserve Is a private company. They are also one of the biggest suppliers of gold and silver products that have been government issued. Platinum is available as well. U.S. Money Reserve began in 2001, and now have hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the country. These individuals understand the benefits of diversified assets.

The U.S. Money Reserve trains their team in all of the areas important to their field. The do extensive research regarding coins, always know exactly where the market stands and find only coins with a high potential. These coins are made available at every possible level. Giving their customers the very best of service is meant to be a building block to achieving a long, happy relationship with them. Austin Texas is the base of the reserve.

Betsy DeVos Enthusiastic and Resilient Effort Towards Growing The Private Schools Voucher Program To Reach More Students

Dick DeVos is the present President of The Windquest Group. He was previously the executive of Amway and Orlando Magic through his family’s ownership of the team. DeVos oversaw Amway’s transactions in over 50 nations in six continents, tripling the company sales to $4.5 billion. In 2006, DeVos campaigned for the Michigan Governor seat under the Republican flag. DeVos is a renowned humanitarian whose notable actions include his Education Freedom Fund. The Fund sponsored marginalized students from the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a school that specialized in aviation studies where he has sat on the State Board of Education .DeVos has chaired the upgrading of the downtown arena of Grand Rapids for the health care improvement programs costing $75 million, the convention center of $212 million, the heart hospital of $130 million, $90 million medical schools and $30 million downtown market.


DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos, and they have four children and one grandchild. Betsy DeVos recently did an interview with Philanthropy about her effort in revolutionizing education and school system. I believe Betsy DeVos is a compassionate and progressive political woman with a drive to better the livelihoods of her fellow citizens after her revelation to Philanthropy that her need to reform the school system stemmed from a deep appreciation of the average and low-income parents who strived to support their children in Potter’s House Christian School. Mrs. DeVos’ expression on the progress of the Private Schools Voucher Programs written by Milton Friedman 50 years ago is that the program has accelerated with more than 250,000 students enrolled in the program.


Mrs. DeVos displayed a resilient character in the movement by regrouping the key players of a previously failed political organization for the children in a more integrated structure to activate their mission. The regroup successfully executed the adaptation of the program in Louisiana and Indiana. The movement also supports the realization of the non-partisan vision for education by encouraging Democrats to analyze the benefits of the system keenly. Betsy DeVos maintains her role in the various charity and educational movements by integrating the effort into one holistic goal of improving the Education system while carefully assigning the dedicated personnel and resources time. Mrs.DeVos’ lifelong goal is to increase the opportunities for better education to more students across social statuses and locations across the country.

InnovaCare Boosts its Leadership Expertise by Hiring Three Executives

According to Richard Shinto, InnovaCare’s chief operating officer, the organization has recently added three executives to its leadership. Two of the hired executives on have an extensive experience with the government Medicaid and Medicare programs. The three executives include;

Jonathan Meyers

Jonathan Meyer joined InnovaCare as its Chief Actuary Officer. He previously served as the Director of Actuarial Services at New Jersey’s largest carrier, Medicaid and Medicare Horizon for BCBS. Moreover, Meyer served as the Chief of Actuary at New York’s Health Care partners as both the VP and CFO of Managed Care at different times. Besides, he used to advise large employers on such as Johnson & Johnson, International Paper, Northwell Health, and Unions regarding healthcare benefits for employees and retirees.

Penelope Kokkinides

Serving as the current chief administration officer of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides has over 20 years of experience working in government programs and the managed care industry. Tapping on her extensive expertise, Penelope develops clinical programs and health management programs to improve organizational efficiency. Before joining InnovaCare, Penelope served in several executive roles such as the Senior Vice President and Head of Operations at Centerlight Healthcare. Here, she was responsible for overall management and directing the managed care division.

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Mike Sortino

InnovaCare Health has recently hired Mike Sortino as its Chief Accounting Officer. Mr. Sortion brings in an extensive experience in insurance and reinsurance industries. He once served as the Controler of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company. Before joining Samsung, he served as HCC Specialty’s Chief Financial Officer for over five years.

According to Rick Shinto, the three executives reflects InnovaCare’s commitment to integrating highly experienced and professional integrity to its leadership. He added that each of the executives brings an added layer of expertise as InnovaCare seeks to position itself for success amid increased competition and ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare is the leading healthcare services provider in Puerto Rico. The firm manages the leading health plans, MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice nationwide. Over 200, 000 individuals have subscribed to PMC Medicare Choice with over 75,000 providers of PMC available. Moreover, InnovaCare operates two health care plans for the government of Puerto Rico with an extensive benefit coverage through a managed care model. InnovaCare creates sustainable models of managed care to provide its members innovative and cost-effective healthcare.

The Youtube Sensation

Describing Millennials is a hard thing to do. They grew up during a time when so many social and cultural changes happened at once. If there is anyone who fits the definition of Millennial it is Doe Deere. Emerging in 2008 as a Youtube celebrity she quickly attracted a following with her video tutorials showing fans how to apply makeup among other beauty tips. She realized very quickly the potential of her following and created her own line of makeup Lime Crime. Lime Crime was an instant success with its distinct focus on giving her fans something more than make up. Lime Crime gave fans of Doe Deere a brand to call their own.

Speaking To Millennials

The success of Lime Crime is largely the result of the effective marketing Deere has used. Social media is the platform of Millennials and this is how she reaches her audience. Starting with her Youtube videos she has branched out to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to ensure that she covers just about everywhere Millennials seem to go. Wherever she goes her fans are certain to follow taking up just about any Lime Crime makeup with them.

A Cause Worth Celebrating

The fact that Lime Crime brings in amazing profits hasn’t distracted Doe Deere from pursuing philanthropic causes. A socially conscious entrepreneur Deere ensures that Lime Crime makeup is made without the use of any animal byproducts. As a vegan and animal welfare activist Deere refuses to allow the harm of any conscious being during the production of her makeup. This socially conscious approach reflect not only her own believes about animal cruelty but the opinions of her fanbase. There are many young girls out there who want the brands they buy to reflect their values.

Having Your Cake And Eating It Too

The idea of Lime Crime started when Deere was a child. Bright colors and makeup have always given Deere inspiration. She took this youthful ambition and turned it into a million dollar brand with products ranging from lipstick to eyeliner.

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Your Experience with the Kabbalah Centre

Getting information about the Kabbalah Centre is quite easy because of the fact that this facility has thousands upon thousands of new members each and every year. Learning the Kabbalah Centre can be a lot more difficult than you might think because of the fact that this is something that people take for granted and do not realize how difficult it is to teach themselves. The Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish practice that many people have found to be beneficial for themselves and this is something that you might want to consider if you are looking to expand in your religion and know that this is something beneficial for yourself.


Kabbalah Center could easily help you to grow spiritually and allow you to feel confident when it comes to your own spiritual growth. The Kabbalah Centre also takes a variety of new members each and every day so that you can feel confident that you can become a member in actually no time at all. In order for you to learn more about the Kabbalah Centre and what it can do for you, you can even visit it on social media or visit the actual website where you are able to look at a calendar of events and see what happens to be going on in the facility on any given day. This is a wonderful option for people who would like to learn more about the Kabbalah Centre and know that they are learning from one of the oldest and largest spiritual centers in the country.


There are too many people out there who try to religious teach themselves the Kabbalah and they’re not doing it in the proper manner and this is why it is very important for you to visit the Kabbalah Center so that you can learn from a group of professionals who are able to take you on as an individual and teach you step by step.