Gareth Henry Is Seeking Legal Action For The Lack Of Governmental Response In Kingston Jamaica

Who Is Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a 35 year old gay rights activist. He is also a social worker and was the head of Jamaica forum for lesbians, all sexualities and gays. He was a part of this organization for four years. He gained his popularity in his hometown when he was attached by policemen before a group of 200 people that were surrounding him inside a Kingston pharmacy. Gareth Henry explained that during his time heading the J-Flag group he lost 13 friends. He became the group’s new leader after the previous leader Brian Williamson died from stab wounds. Gareth Henry said he met violence from police three different times and the most memorable one was on a Valentine’s Day when he and few others were chased into the pharmacy and then beat with guns when the police arrived.

Failure Of Support

Despite his efforts to reach out to politicians and officials, his hate situation fell on deaf ears and the police harassment increased. He would wake up in the morning with an officer outside his home promising to kill him. He used to provide shelter for homeless gay men who had nowhere else to go. Some of them were infected with HIV. The life of Gareth Henry was constantly threatened by police and he has already saw his friends get killed. When one of the kill threats stuck with him, he knew he had to decide whether to stay there and die, or leave and find a safer place to live. He was able to run away and get safety, but he has not forgotten those who are still there being threatened and have no way out. He knows that they wake up each day and wonder if it will be their day to die, because of someone else’s homophobia. He now wants to use a legal system against the Jamaican government. He feels the way this is allowed to carry on is a total violation of human rights. He is asking for help from the international community to support the gay community that is still there.

Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the top entrepreneurs in the finance industry. He co founded the investment firm Fortress Investment Group and serves as the principal and chief executive officer. Under his leadership, Randal has helped the firm emerge as one of the top asset management firms in the world. Before he co founded Fortress Investment Groups, Nardone worked at two other financial services firms such as UBS and Blackrock Financial Management. When he first began his career, Randal worked as a lawyer at a top law firm located in New York City known as Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood.

Today Randal Nardone is serving as a member of the management committee of Fortress Investment Group. He is also one of its acting principal’s and chief executive officers. As a top manager of the firm, Randal oversees all of the firm’s operations as well as making strategies to help grow the company. He also looks to set policies and goals to ensure that Fortress Investment Group remains as one of the most reputable financial services firms in the industry. Nardone has helped guide the firm to becoming one of the best when it comes to helping investors manage a variety of valuable assets.

Prior to co founding Blackrock Financial, Randal Nardone served as the managing director of the firm. While serving as the managing director, Randal would focus his efforts on getting clients and building relationships with them. This experience would help him get more familiar with how investment firms operate and how to expand them. This was the last position he held before starting up Fortress Investment Group.

Another one of the most notable experiences of the career of Randal Nardone is his time at the firm UBS. After working as an attorney for a few years, Randal wanted to get into the finance industry. His first opportunity came when he joined UBS and was named its managing director. This allowed him to work on getting new business for the firm as well as providing daily management of the firm. As the managing director of the UBS, Randal would help the firm maintain its status as a reputable financial services firm. Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015

Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group – Food Processing

The Man Behind the Innovation

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, a food processing company. He is also the President of OSI International Foods. The company provides meat and food products to the greater midwestern parts of the US. His entrance into this industry began back in 1970, where he was working with financing under Otto & Sons, which later evolved into the current company, OSI Group. The group was a local domestic food processing company serving the Chicago area, and has now expanded internationally, being located across 60 different countries.

Sustainable Food Production

With Sheldon Lavin leading the company, there has been immense job growth. For his great accomplishments, he was even awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy back in 2016. Lavin is very active in the operations of his company and works to ensure that the products they make are of great quality. Additionally, Sheldon Lavin has made it his mission to creating a sustainable practice in meat and food processing. Food is a necessity, but the means to keep up with production must be taken care of as well to leave a less harmful impact on the environment. To do this, the company is always improving and upgrading their technology to be more efficient. Being the lead innovator in the food sector, Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group need to ensure that they follow practical operations of food production. For his efforts, Lavin has been given the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, and the California Green Business Award.

A Leader in the Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin has taken a corner butcher shop and made it to an even bigger company tht is able to stand on its own two feet at the international level. OSI is one of the largest food providers in the world, becoming a symbol of the growing American market. The company is the provider of food for McDonald’s, a top fast-food restaurant. Lavin will continue to diversify the company in order for OSI Group to continue growing, and will stay ahead by taking in account how they are leaving an impact on the environment.

Adam Milstein Talks About The Palistinians

Adam Milstein is the Jew of the millennium. This is because he is fighting valiantly for the plight of Jews all over the world. As a native of Israel, he has seen, first hand, the problems that affect the Jewish community. He has a great big heart for his people that he uses to fight for justice.

Adam Milstein lives and works in California, with his wife and children. The 1980s was when he moved to America. During his early days of being in the United States, he became a real estate agent. Eventually, it was not long until he became a managing partner.

Being the grateful guy that he is, Adam Milstein realized that it was time to give back to his ethnic community. As a result, he started two organizations: Sifriyat Pijama B’AMerica and Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The point of these organizations is to encourage the American children of Israeli immigrants to have a Jewish identity, as well as to promote cohesion among Israeli Americans.

As a Jewish man who is about the longevity of the Jewish race, he is proud to say that he has three daughters, a granddaughter and two grandsons. Adam Milstein knows that the Jewish race is flowing through the blood of the younger generations, just like how it is flowing through him. His wife, Gila, is also an Israeli Jew—which means that he is not one of those people who intermarried with a non-Jew and had virtually non-Jewish, bastard children.

Adam Milstein regularly tweets about the injustices of humanity—including the rise of terrorism and antisemitism in the world. On his Twitter, he shows pictures of belligerent Palestinians and talks about how they are up to no good. There is a photo of young children who are being prepped to bomb things. Here are also photos of Israeli people who have died in the turmoil that Palestinians have caused. Adam Milstein is trying to spread awareness about how living next to Palestinians is like walking on eggshells.

Dr. Mark Mckenna Invests in Medicine

Growing up and admiring his father, it was natural to Dr. Mark Mckenna that one day he would be a doctor too. His dad had his own practice and helped people every day while supporting a family in the process. Dr. Mark Mckenna wanted that kind of life for himself. He attended Tulane University and studied medicine, eventually graduating and joining his fathers practice. He enjoyed working with his father and found the work rewarding.

But there was something else that called to Dr. Mark Mckenna: Real estate. While in medical school he saw the changes that had come to the medical profession since he was a child. It had become much harder to find work, and there was much less pay then there had been, in medicine. So to make ends meet, and help pay for Tulane, he began to moonlight at a prison as an examiner for the inmates and took that money and invested in real estate. He found he loved the world of real estate, and more than that he was good at it. Finding it to be a rewarding experience he continued to invest while practicing medicine.

After 5 years as a doctor Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to go into real estate full time. He left his fathers practice and began buying properties in New Orleans. He literally made millions and was enjoying himself doing it. Then Hurricane Katrina hit and Mckenna lost just about everything, as many did as a result of that disaster.

Instead of taking his remaining money and seeking a new market or industry, Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to stay in NOLA and help rebuild. However, when he saw the big housing crash coming he decided to divest and sold all his real estate properties.

Taking the money from this he went back into medicine, investing in medical companies. He began with a clinic called ShareMed, which grew to a large business and was eventually sold to Life Time Fitness, Inc. His latest venture in OVME.

OVME is an online app for ordering Botox injections quickly and easily to your home.

Betsy DeVos: Solid Politician and Strong Team Player

When Betsy DeVos landed in D.C. for her confirmation hearings to become the Education Secretary, many people underestimated the woman from Michigan. Indeed, her confirmation hearings were among the rockiest of any of Donald Trump’s initial Cabinet level nominations. Indeed, the Vice President had to be called to the Senate to break a tie in order for DeVos to win Senate confirmation to become Secretary of Education.


Since her confirmation, Washington insiders and others have come to learn two important factors about Betsy DeVos. First, she is a solid political strategist and tactician. Second, she is a strong team player. An issue from the early days of the Trump presidency illustrate this reality.


Not long after Trump took office, he announced he was considering reversing the Barack Obama era policy of permitting public school students the ability to select a restroom based on the gender with which they self-identified. When Trump made this announcement, DeVos met with the President to convey to him her position on the issue. Secretary DeVos was not in favor of reversing the Obama Administration policy regarding public school restrooms.


By all accounts, DeVos made a strong argument to the President as to why she did not think the time was right to shift the policy. In the end, the President did not agree with DeVos’ assessment and decided he was going to reverse the Obama policy.


When DeVos received word of the President’s decision, she promptly met with representatives of the LGBTQ community from within the Education Department. She conveyed to these individuals her own position regarding the issue and the fact that she presented her thoughts to the President.


She also noted that when Trump made his decision, as a member of the Cabinet, she needed to support the President’s determination. In fact, directly after the President announced the reversal of the Obama policy on public school restrooms, DeVos was a featured speaker at the annual conservative confab, CPAC or the Conservative Political Action Conference.


At CPAC, DeVos explained the President’s decision regarding reversing the Obama policy regarding public school restrooms. She diligently explained the President’s position in a manner that left listeners with no idea that DeVos has argued against the change at any juncture in time. This presentation at CPAC underscored how seamlessly of a team player DeVos can be, even if an issue exists that she harbored her own ideas at one time.


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Barbara Stokes of Green Structure Homes Giving Back

Owner and CEO of Green structure Homes of Alabama LLC, Barbara Stokes, started her business as an effort help people in time of need. The Huntsville-based company is in the business of disaster relief construction. Working in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Stokes and her husband, Steve, have helped provide safe permanent and resident housing. Read this article at

Green Structure Homes not only provides safe housing for disaster victims, but also school campus housing, and bullet-proof guard shacks for the military.

Stokes works very closely with her team to ensure that her ideas and concepts are brought fully to fruition.

The businesswoman graduated from Mercer University in 2001 with a degree in engineering and physics. She also studied thermodynamics, manufacturing and management. Before launching her own company, she also worked for the Pieces Corporation and Boeing.

Know more:

Shortly after the disaster of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Green Structure Homes was awarded a $28 million contract to build modular homes.

Barbara Stokes says she stays productive by waking up early every morning and working late. She says although she loves what she does, she has to make time to spend with her family.

“I am fortunate enough to have a very good team of professionals.” She says that most of the companies she purchases materials from are local. It is important to help others in the community, according to Stokes.

Stokes says it is her intention to keep her business growing. Her goal is to continue to help individuals who are in need. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Sahm Adrangi’s Achievements as a Kerrisdale Capital’s Founder

Recently, there was a conference that was hosted by Whitney Tilson; he is a well-renowned author and a founder of Kase Capital. The conference was attended by many speakers, and each speaker addressed an important topic that affects the industry of short selling.

Sahm Adrangi is among the speakers who featured in the conference, and he was the first speaker to address the meeting. Sahm Adrangi has established a strong foundation for himself in the industry by steering his company Kerrisdale Capital growth from $1 million initial capital to controlling assets worth over $150 million. Adrangi is also recognized for conducting research as well as succeeding in shorting many fake companies in several countries across the world including China.

Kerrisdale is a private investment manager; it publishes reports on firms that it realizes is overvalued. The firm also gets involved by the overlooked companies with reduced valuations. In a recent interview with ValueWalk, Sahm Adrangi, as the chief investment officer of Kerrisdale he explained the largest position that his firm holds in Luxoft. Luxoft is an international company that is known worldwide with software development as well as providing IT. In the interview, Adrangi discussed why he is sure that Luxoft is going to increase its revenues even doubling it in half a decade not forgetting to mention why the shares of Luxoft should be worth three times in few years.

Many people are familiar with IT services offered in India but not many who are aware of the largest base of skilled programmers from both Central as well as Eastern European countries. Luxoft has close to 11,000 extraordinary programmers in the CEE area that focusses on offering software services. The employees at Luxoft have master’s degree as well as have five years of experience in the relevant professional.

Unlike most of the companies in the world that focusses on developing the most common software. Luxoft invests in the most complex programming services which include designing self-driving technology among others.

Some of the reasons that made Sahm Adrangi work with Luxoft it is because of its similarities with Cognizant, which was once a Kerrisdale Capital holding.

Contributions of GreenSky Credit towards The Lives of People

The modern technology has brought a revolution in the way people conduct their transactions, and GreenSky Credit is among the firms that have fully utilized its advantages. A titan in the financial world, GreenSky Credit is today’s leading provider of home improvement and retail credit services. Through their services, a vast number of people have improved their lives by launching successful ventures. Besides, the firm’s clients have also enjoyed an easy, fast and modern way of receiving cash to use in their endeavors.

The firm offers its clients loans up to $65000, through a network of bank partners and contractors, without itself taking on the risk of defaults. GreenSky Credit recently started financing to doctors, veterinary, and dentist offices with an aim of diversifying their services. In their latest valuation, the firm has facilitated over $10billion loans and it seeks to continue gaining momentum in the moving years.

GreenSky Credit is ranked at number 3 in Fintech companies and its tremendous growth has been associated with the dedication and commitment of its co-founder and CEO David Zalik. The renowned entrepreneur gained his passion for entrepreneurship at a tender age and he has tried out a vast number of ventures in the past. Being a risk taker, David started his career assembling computer parts and selling them to dealers. Though he acquired major successes in his venture, he dropped out of college to pursue his career and this has seen him emerge a billionaire after managing his ventures for a couple of years.

David Zalik has offered over 800 people job opportunities and through this, he has played a major role in helping them upgrade their living standards. Besides, the renowned entrepreneur has also striven to inspire his team of employees by serving as an example and working closely with them. He believes that teamwork is one of the major bases for a successful venture. He does not hesitate to share ideas with other entrepreneurs and business minded people, and he emphasizes the best strategic approaches to employ in a firm to achieve maximum profits. David is unstoppable when it comes to accomplishing his goals and he is today an inspiration to many.

James Dondero Doing Right By Dallas

James Dondero is a successful alternative credit manager that started his career by earning his Bachelor of Science degrees in finances and accounting at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. James then began his first role in the financial industry by creating a business training program for JP Morgan Chase & Co that landed him his dream job at American Express. Read this article at From the year 1985 to 1989 Mr. Dondero worked on managing fixed income funds form American Express that totaled to the sum of one billion dollars. After his success with American Express, Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary offered James Dondero the position of Chief Investment Officer to which he gladly accepted in 1989; At the time the company was nothing more than a thought, but with James’ guidance it soon became a two billion dollar success story. In 1993 James decided to create his investment firm, and so Highland Capital Management was born. The firm keeps its primary focuses on private equity accounts, credit hedge funds, as well as a variety of other credit accounts; But merely acquiring his millions is not enough for James. Read more about James at Crunchbase. Through his years of working his way up the corporate chain and meeting other philanthropists and businesspeople along the way, James came to know Mary Jalonick, President, and CEO of the Dallas Foundation in Texas. Together, Mary and James co-created the Highland Dallas Foundation, an organization that prides itself on supporting the initiatives in northern Texas and Dallas that show promise in launching their communities into the future in a favorable light. An example of one of the organizations that find support through James Dondero and the Highland Dallas Foundation is the Family Place in Dallas Texas. The Family Place is a shelter that gives peaceful housing to men in the area that are victims of domestic violence; The home offers convenient proximity to medical care and friendly, supportive staff that provides a twenty-four-hour crisis hotline for those in need. Another recent donation from James Dondero that improved the city of Dallas was his one million dollar contribution to the fourteen million dollars needed by the Dallas Zoo to rebuild their hippo habitat. With the help of several local philanthropists and James Dondero, the Zoo was able to reopen a magnificent two-acre habitat that is home to two young hippos that they hope will someday mate and support the endangered hippo population.