Neurocore Cares About Brains

The brain is such a complex organ, it is no wonder that with centuries of research, there is still so much to learn about how it functions. In recent decades, great strides have been made in understanding how the brain communicates and exactly how neurons bring information to and from the brain. This research has allowed major breakthroughs in the treatment of brain illnesses and abnormalities, particularly with EEG technology. This technology is so important to Neurocore, which uses EEG technology to uncover the secrets of brain communication, mapping, and most importantly, neurofeedback to help treat their patients suffering from a variety of mental disorders. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Neurocore, a company which measures, pinpoints, and addresses brain performance, has 6 locations across the United States where patients can receive treatment for a wide variety of brain-related concerns, from ADHD to anxiety to sleep issues. Neurocore uses neurofeedback technology to pinpoint exactly which neurons are communicating different messages in the brain leading to different issues. For anxiety, Neurocore uses qEEG technology to determine which neurons in the brain are being triggered to cause the anxiety. Using this information, patients can then go through Neurocore’s drug-free anxiety program which treats the anxiety through brain training instead of prescription drugs. Clients have reported an 88% reduction in anxiety symptoms with 53% no longer meeting the threshold for anxiety at all.


The Neurocore approach offers clients a customizedtreatment plan according to that individual’s brain activity; treatment plansdo not get anymore customizable than what Neurocore offers. Once clientsreceive the results of their assessment, the treatment approach is left tohowever clients feel most comfortable. Some opt for in-person treatment whileothers prefer to work from the comfort of their own home. As neurofeedbackuncovers how every brain is different, the treatment plan for each client isdifferent and unique as brain activity. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The amazing Transformation that Rebel Wilson has Gone Through

One of the things that you notice from the first time you have contact with Rebel Wilson is that she does not match any of the conventions and standards set by Hollywood for its actresses. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

However, she is one of the most talented actresses in the country, and her charisma and genius acting skills are the reason that she has achieved the A-list status among Hollywood royalty. Rebel started her acting career a while back, and throughout the journey that has defined her, her personality has always shined through.

The beginning

Rebel Wilson was not as confident as she seems to be today. When she was growing up Down Under, she was a timid little girl. She states that she was so shy that there are people who genuinely believed that she had a social disorder.

It was her loving mom that decided to take her to a community acting class with the hope that interacting with the other kids would draw her out of her cocoon. When asked whether her family takes credit for the successful journey they carved out for her, she states that her family does not believe she is funny at all. She adds that they all think they’re more entertaining than her.

Coming out of the cocoon

Rebel Wilson states that she read somewhere that someone’s character is usually fully developed by the time they hit the age of 15, and she realized that she needed to get herself and define who she was to herself as soon as possible. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

It was her interaction with an improve class that helped rebel come out of her cocoon and start to develop an outspoken and humorous personality.

Becoming the teen feminist

One of the things that she knew about herself right from an early age was that she had a passion for women empowerment. As a teen, one of the things that bothered her the most was seeing truly talented ladies shying away from success in their careers and other fronts, just because the society told them that the proper thing to do was get married and have kids. She did not know that one of the greatest success stories, herself was in the making.

Coming to the US

Rebel Wilson had already made a name for herself at home before she set her sights on Hollywood. She states that she decided to go to the US when she was 30, and all the odds were stacked against her. Her only saving grace was that she had unique comedy styles and her fans loved that.

Rebel Wilson is currently an entertainer, successful actress and role model to millions of girls around the world. She still believes that anything can be achieved when a person puts their mind to it.

The many Facets of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest, an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Where to begin..let’s start at Live with Kelly and Ryan. Being the co-host and one of the executive producers of the Emmy-winning team he has raised the bar for morning television. From his official walk on stage with Kelly holding hands in 2017 to present his presence has brought nothing short of comedic, enjoyable, compelling, and clever content. Ryan and Kelly keep their show current with the latest celebrity interviews, up to date trends in fashion, beauty, and health. They also bring to light human interest topics. Needless to say, Ryan Seacrest led the way in capturing an enormous and loyal audience. Of course Ryan Seacrest is no stranger to capturing a cult following.

Take American Idol, this nationally iconic music competition is hosted by you got it! Ryan Seacrest himself. Earning Emmy Award nominations for American Idol shows the incredible talent and heart put behind each episode aired. His charisma behind every American Idol contestant made for an invigorating, thrilling, sit on the edge of your seat kind of show. He was brought back in 2018 to ensure nothing but unparalleled and unsurpassed success for the new season.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest is but another testament to his entrepreneur genius. He hosts the weekday morning show. He keeps the content fresh with segments on relevant daily topics, news and currently his most popular “Ryan’s Roses

He doesn’t disappoint including the rest of us on his fashion sense, hoards of men can follow in his remarkable fashion sense. Ryan is no stranger to the power suit and has an impeccable eye for tailored daily wear.

Lastly, we cant ignore Ryan Seacrest’s Foundation. with his foundation he strives to inspire youth through entertainment and education. The first initiative is to build media centers inside pediatric hospitals. There the patients can explore radio and television. All to uplift and help in the healing process. It goes without a shadow of a doubt, Ryan Seacrest, no matter what avenue he touches he put his absolute best foot forward.

Organo Gold Coffee: Everything You Need To Know

Organo, a company established in the year 2008, offers products such as personal care items, teas, coffees, and nutraceuticals. One of its most famous products is Organo Gold. The firm is situated in Richmond, Canada. According to history, the company started as a mall shop and had only three employees. It distributes its products to more than fifty countries worldwide.

Organo offers business opportunities to people interested in building businesses as well as earning extra income. These opportunities are easy to understand and to be involved with. The process of selling to and also buying products from the company is easy. In other words, its processes are fully modernized.

Organo Gold premium coffee attracts people from different corners of the world due to the amazing element within it. The Organo Company mixes various components resulting in a super beverage. Café Supreme, Café Mocha, and many other teas turned to blockbuster selling magnet immediately after Bernardo Chua, brought a new combination of nutrients, put into his beverages.

All the beverages have a component known as the Ganoderma Lucidum commonly known as the Reishi mushroom. This is a Chinese fungus known to have effective disease-fighting characteristics. According to a study previously done in the United States of America, Reishi mushroom has the ability to detoxify the body hence alleviating several chronic conditions. Also, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, and anti-tumor characteristics. Doctors use the Reishi mushroom to lower blood pressure as well as the cholesterol. It can also help individuals with a condition like a type II non-insulin dependent diabetes.

The polysaccharides such as beta-glucans and beta polysaccharides have positive effects on the immune system. Eastern-based doctors are working on it to determine its effectiveness when it comes to curing conditions like leukemia as well as lung tumors. Reishi has more than 150 healthy ingredients which make an authoritative complex composition. As at now, there are various positive opinions regarding the components of the famous Reishi mushroom.


Ted Bauman’s Tips to Protect Your Wealth

Ted Bauman is an editor and writer with Banyan Hill Publishing. Highly regarded as an economist specializing in low-risk investment strategies and asset protection he remains aware of his early, low-paying jobs and is firm in his opinion that society must view its well-being by looking at those near the bottom as well as those at the top business.

In an article in his own publication, “The Bauman Letter,” Ted Bauman writes about how to make sure one’s liquid assets are best protected to avoid unforeseen loss. The article starts by explaining that he had suggested that a relative store his assets where they were not in the reach of financial institutions. His relative passed away and Bauman discovered that while his relative kept cash, collectibles, precious metals and gems at home, they were simply kept in a home office.

The office provided no additional protection, making it vulnerable to burglars, natural disasters, and household mishaps. Bauman even recalled an incident where his relative’s house was almost destroyed by fire.Ted Bauman goes on to give specify five precautionary measures to ensure safe-keeping of liquid assets. In addition, Bauman states that one should not keep all assets in the same place even though it’s common to want one’s possessions to be near at hand. With this proviso, Bauman starts off with his investment suggestions.


  • Invest in a lockbox or home safe. This should be both fireproof and waterproof and of a size that can hold artwork or home firearms. He suggests ordering a custom-made safe, one that can be bolted down.


  • A safe-deposit box at a bank. Here, assets are securely locked away, safe from theft or fire. The only negative is that the FDIC does not cover valuables in bank storage and this necessitates insuring the items.


  • A safe-deposit box at a foreign bank. Countries such as Switzerland offer secure storage to account holders. Switzerland’s jurisdiction protects assets from government and U.S. court-ordered confiscation. The only access another U.S. citizen would have to those assets is via a foreign court case.


  • An independent, private vault. There are storage vaults independent of any financial institution. Unlike banks, the storage facilities are under no legal obligation to provide any personal information to the government except under a court order.


  •  A foreign-located independent vault. Austria, Switzerland, and Singapore are known to have excellent asset-storage facilities. Ted Bauman points out that these are costly and require the depositor to be physically present. He points out that New Zealand offers a convenient option by allowing foreigners to open accounts remotely and ship deposits there. With all these foreign facilities one should choose with discretion to see that neither IRS regulations nor government regulations apply.

Matt Badiali’s Foresight

Matt Badiali is a financial master and an expert in geology. With this combined knowledge and foresight, his experience has led him to oversee projects that involve natural sources throughout the world. As cannabis is legalized one by one in each state in the United States and all over the world, his expertise in the financial gain of investing is highly noted.

He has stated that people need to invest in marijuana before it becomes completely legal in the States. It is cheaper to buy now before it is the hot commodity. Matt Badiali says that the profit and stock prices for cannabis will only grow higher as marijuana is legal in more countries and states.

In 2004, Matt Badiali received his Master’s Degree in Geology from Florida State University. A friend of his contacted him for some investment advice since Matt had an ample reputation. Matt educated himself in the financial market and in turn, was able to help his friend invest in the right company and stocks. These proved useful, and the friend earned quite a penny by taking Matt’s advice. Matt made it a full-time position and offered investment strategies in his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist.

Even though his degree is not in finance, he tells people to look at the evidence, and it shows the market to going to exceed in the billions in the cannabis industry. Now that Canada has legalized marijuana, it is more valid by the day. Public and private businesses in Canada can expect large revenue margins. Matt Badiali told investors to keep looking at the Canadian cannabis market before it was legal and those that listened to his sound counsel made out like bandits.

Matt has given countless opportunities to a variety of people that want to succeed in the stock market. His training and education have made him a frontrunner as an expert for investment prospects.

Matt Badiali’s:  Facebook Page

EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm Review by Beauty Broadcast Express

A popular brand of lip care, EOS further thrills consumers with their line of Visibly Soft lip balm. Beauty Broadcast Express, a Youtube channel run by beauty enthusiast Emily, captures the true experience of this product.

Emily reviews two scents in the Visibly Soft line. The pink-striped container contains a scent described as coconut milk, while the blue-striped container offers vanilla mint. She mentions she purchased both lip balms from Ulta, a national retailer that specializes in makeup, skincare, fragrances, and salon items. An avid buyer of this brand, Emily self-describes herself as a lip balm collector, showing viewers a bowl full of over a dozen EOS branded lip balms.

The first noticeable difference she notes is the decorative outer container. This striped design varies a bit from the typical solid colors consumers have come to know from EOS. She notes this makes EOS a perfect primer, easily adhering to other tints or colors. Additionally, she confirms this moisturizing lip balm is perfectly suited for daily use as well.

Emily then describes the formula differentiations between EOS products, including product lines that contain SPF protection and vitamin infused products. This specific formula, Visibly Soft, includes vitamin C, a vitamin not typically found in other versions of EOS lip balm. These are also free of gluten, parabens, phthalates, and petrolatum, making EOS a great choice for conscientious consumers.

The lip balms provide colorless hydration to lips while the smooth texture also offers a subtle shine to lips. These lip balms are perfectly suited to keep in a pocket, in a purse, or atop a desk for stylish hydration. Lastly, it is important to note that the Visibly Soft product line is priced comparably to the other egg-shaped lip balm products offered by EOS!

Victoria Doramus and the Best Friends Animal Society Saving Lives

Victoria Doramus, an accomplished figure in advertising and branding in the digital and print media industry with over 10 years of experience working with companies such as Trendera, MindShare, Stila Cosmetics, and the Creative Arts Agency, through her support and involvement with The Best Friends Animal Society she is helping to save the lives of elderly, sick, and abandoned cats and dogs countrywide. The Best Friends Animal Society, founded in the 1980s by a group of friends offering sanctuary and the service of finding loving families for these animals in response to the all too common routine killing of unwanted pets popular at the time killing over 17 million animals annually, is a non profit organization as well as a animal welfare society. Though Victoria Doramus spends most her time utilizing her bachelors degree in journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder and her experience from her time in the television and film Industry to identify new and creative methods of marketing and trend analysis as a recovering addict facing her own difficulties and challenges she believes that in a world that can be terribly cruel it is more than necessary to help others, not just people but animals too.

The goal of the best friends animal society and Victoria Doramus is to end the killing taking place in animal shelters throughout the united states while simultaneously providing the love, support and acceptance everyone deserves through community programs and partnerships known as the Best Friends Network; a collaboration between animal shelters throughout the country to host public adoption events, educational campaigns, and fundraising events. The organization, with the support they’ve received thru donations and volunteer programs, has made large strides towards their goals providing the necessary medical attention for over 1,600 animals in need at any given time. It is important to note more lives can be saved when passionate supporters, such as Victoria Doramus, and committed charity organizations work together.

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Neurocore Brain Performance Center, At the Core of Brain Disorder Treatments

In the past, brain disorders like anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, and ASD among many others were difficult to treat due to lack of enough information and the equipment. However, thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible for scientists and health personnel to diagnose such conditions and come up with desirable results. For instance, using the brain as the basis of their work, companies like Neurocore are now able to treat neurological conditions such as the ones mentioned earlier using processes such as EEG technology, neurofeedback, and brain mapping to achieve much better results. Read more about Neurocore at

However, it is important to note that even though companies like Neurocore only began using such processes recently; these procedures have been here since the mid-twentieth century. For instance, in the late 18th century, two Italian scientists, namely Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta discovered electrophysiology and the bioelectric theory using frog-legs. Since then, there has been a series of many other scientists who further improved the theory left behind by the two Italian scientists such as Hans Berger. Hans further proved the concept of human electroencephalogram using his son as the guinea pig.

Thanks to such scientists that companies like Neurocore can now effectively treat neurological disorders. For instance, Neurocore uses a brain training approach which is not only effective but also gives more desirable results in treating anxiety and ADHD.


A Look at How Neurocore Came To Be

Established approximately a decade and a half ago, in 2004 to be precise, Neurocore initially specialized in conducting brain assessment programs and then later used data obtained from the said programs to conduct training programs. The center used various methods to accomplish this, some of the most common procedures being, biofeedback monitoring, EEG and qEEG. The primary aim of carrying out these programs was to aid in stress management, sleep disorders and even assist in improving mental perception.

However, with proved technology which has also enabled scientists and experts to do better research, Neurocore Brain performance center is now a leader when it comes to applied neuroscience in the United States. Today thanks to its unique and innovative methods in using applied science to treat brain disorders, the center continues to expand with each wake and now has eight brain performance centers in Florida and Michigan. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The Achievements of Robert Ivy

The Achievements of Robert Ivy

Architecture is what makes the structural world beautiful. Architects make aesthetically attractive designs making buildings and other structures pleasing and nice-looking. Robert Ivy studied architecture at Tulane University and is currently the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. The institution plays a vital role in promoting education in this field. It also helps in training of architects and enables them network. He has good educational qualifications and a vast degree of experience. Robert Ivy has been in the construction industry for decades and has solutions to almost every challenge in the field of architecture. To begin with, he was an editor. He has helped develop a number of journals dealing with his area of expertise. He gained skilled while working at McGraw-Hill construction media enabling him understand the construction industry better. As an editor, he has received a number of awards including the Crain award.

Robert has also written books of his own on architecture that have been published and read by many in the world today. An example is the Fay Jones Architect. As an architect, Robert Ivy is well known for his great designs. He creates masterpieces and has been honored for his amazing work. He is among the chosen few to be voted as Master Architect over the years. According to Robert Ivy, architects play a major role when it comes to the health and safety of the public. He believes that designs created by these professionals will greatly determine the impact of structures such as drainages to the environment. At the moment, under the leadership of Mr. Robert, architects in America are aiming at improving the public health sector.

Robert would wish that every architects considers the health of citizens in their designs. This will greatly help reduce lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Designing buildings that will encourage walking or any other form of exercise for example can be a major starting point. He also wants to use technology to reach out to the public and let them know the role that architects play in the society especially when it comes to public health.

Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award