Neurocore Is Revolutionizing the Treatment of Chronic Conditions With Its Revolutionary Neurofeedback Treatment

Athletes often talk about a concept called being “in the zone.” This is best described as the place where the athlete is able to find the extreme focus on their athletic endeavor. It is a period of time where they remove themselves from their conscious brain and let their subconscious take control. This is a technique that works well in any situation where a person needs to find focus, move past fears and get themselves geared up for a challenge. This is also a useful tool when it comes to managing a person’s health. See more information about Neurocore at

Humans are living longer and longer with all the amazing medical breakthroughs of recent decades and because of this, many will experience issues related to aging that can include cognitive decline, muscle loss, memory loss, vision impairment or loss and joint issues. Increased risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes also become a higher risk with age. There is also a trend in the early onset of many of these conditions due to the stress of modern living. Stress for the average individual is often due to the factor of diet. A common ingredient found in a large number of foods on supermarket shelves is refined sugars which are often so far removed from their natural and organic state that the body is no longer able to recognize it as food. This then causes a reaction from the immune system as if the body has contracted a virus. The average person also seems to have difficulty following a diet plan including proper hydration and exercise of the body and brain.



In recent years an alternative to these issues has surfaced in the form of neurofeedback. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers specialize in using a combination of neurofeedback and biofeedback in order to provide relief from disorders ranging from depression, ADHD, anxiety, autism and sleep-related disorders. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Look Better with the Help of Dr. Jennifer Walden

If you would like to look better and feel more confident, it is time to call the offices of Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a leading cosmetic surgeon in the country for years. The fact that Dr. Jennifer Walden has gone through extensive training and is one of the leaders in the field is why a lot of people come far and wide to have work done by her. This is also why she has so many patients and is able to do a wide array of procedures for those who want or need it done.

You are going to find that hiring Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the best choices that you can do for yourself. This is also why you’re going to want to think about the benefits of choosing this type of expert and knowing that this is something that is perfect for your every need. Before you know it, you’re going to be able to find out what Dr. Jennifer Walden is able to do for you and what type of work you can expect when hiring her services.

There are a whole lot of different reasons to give this professional a try for yourself, and now is a good time for you to consider Dr. Jennifer Walden and all that she is able to do for you. You can feel confident knowing that this professional is there for you and is going to be able to help in a lot of different ways. Make sure that you give Dr. Jennifer Walden a try and see if this is something that is right for you. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling so much different and loving the way that you look as well when this is all said and done for yourself.

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Whitney Wolfe The Bumble Queen

27-year-old Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble and co-founder of Tinder. She left Tinder after claiming sexual harassment from her co-founder and ex Justin Mateen. Wolfe filed a case against the company for gender discrimination, but her complaints were dismissed as dramatic. They settled their lawsuit and received the company stock and one million dollars. She then decided it was time to start something new in 2015.

Bumble is an online dating app though it is different in that it is one hundred percent feminist. It means that only a woman can start the conversation with the primary aim being equality and reducing pressure on men on the need of being the first to pursue. Bumble has over 20 million users, and it gives the L.G.B.T.Q communities an opportunity to find dates. The Bumble app is free, but they are looking for ways to monetize it and introduce new creative features to make it unique. Whitney says Bumble was inspired by her need to push for anti-bullying on social media sites. She had started with a social network called Messi, which was for complimenting the teenage girls. Her Bumble partner Andrew Andreev who is the CEO and founder of Badoo motivated her and invested in that idea to what it is today. They currently have 35 employees.

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Whitney Wolfe studied at the Southern Methodist University. She has a lot of marketing experience as she started selling tote bags back in college. She began a travel website when she volunteered in South East Asia. She has been to a photography program for one month and has worked in several odd jobs. Her marketing skills are very realistic. Back in college when they started Tinder, she asked all the women and gents to sign up for the app so that they can hook up. She used the same technique with Bumble. Bumble has introduced Bumble BFF, which is for platonic female friendships. They also have rolled out Bumble Bizz, which will work to network people.

Whitney Wolfe is married to a restaurateur and entrepreneur in the oil and gas industry Michael Herd. A mutual friend introduced them back in 2013. They had gone on vacation to Aspen with their respective families. They started dating in February 2014 valentine’s day. Michael proposed to Whitney in June 2016. They got married in September 2017 in Villa-Tre-Ville, which is at Positano in Italy.

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Larkin & Lacey

U.S. Presidential pardons have a history of being controversial and the Trump Administration does not fail to continue this issue. The U.S. v. Joe Arpaio where the Justice Department sued Arizona Sheriff for racial profiling of Latinos is just such a case. Known as the ‘toughest sheriff’ in Maricopa County, Arizona, Joe was jailed for not complying with a court order. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

An interesting background involving Joe Arpaio begins with Latino immigrants, Jim Larkin, and Michael Lacey. Award-winning journalists Michael and Jim received an unexpected late-night raid in October 2007 by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his men. Lacey and Larkin were jailed, and their paper and notes were confiscated by the Sheriff.

The journalists believe that Sheriff Arpaio’s illegal raid was meant to keep the newsmen from targeting him and his illegal activities. However, due to the unconstitutional arrest of Jim and Michael, there arose a grassroot and political uproar which involved the Arizona American Civil Liberties Union calling for the journalist’s release.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had reported for years on the Latino torture and deaths attributed to Sheriff Arpaio, plus a sideline crime of illegal monetary activities.

Jim and Michael spent 24 days in jail and after their release they sued Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County officials. Their case took five years, but Jim and Michael were found innocent.

Michael and Jim were awarded $3.75 million which they used to create the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which is an organization involved in human and civil rights for immigrants and all citizens. In the meantime, Sheriff Arpaio was ordered to cease and desist his illegal arrests and containment of local Latino residents and illegal immigrants. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Sheriff Arpaio ignored the court order and warning, thus he was arrested and jailed. However, in November 2017, President Donald Trump granted Joe Arpaio a pardon which includes a complete exoneration of all his crimes.

The pardon was timed perfectly because Mr. Arpaio was just a couple of weeks away from being given a lengthy prison sentence.

It is opined that President Trump became involved in Joe Arpaio’s pardon because the Sheriff successfully campaigned for Mr. Trump when he was running for President. When Joe Arpaio was released, he immediately tried to run for another term as sheriff, but he was utterly defeated!

Michael Lacey has an idea on why the President granted the Arpaio pardon. He believes that it is a political strategy to cajole the Arizona voting constituents who both voted for Donald Trump and who still consider Joe Arpaio a here.

What the future for Joe Arpaio holds is unknown, but Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have successful unveiled the knowledge involving his former cruelty actions against the Latino residents of Arizona. Currently, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have created an online news website called the Front Page Confidential.

Jim and Michael continue to monitor issues involving threats to freedom of speech rights, people’s rights, and the First Amendment issues. Therefore, we can only guess that they will still monitor their former nemesis, as will the Frontera Fund and many grassroots organizations.

Jose Hawilla and Taking on a Career as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur and businessman José Hawilla is most known as the founder and owner of the sports advertisement agency Traffic Group. Mr. José Hawilla was born in São José Rio Preto in São Paulo, Brazil and started his career as a sports journalist. In 1980, Mr. José Hawilla decided to start his own business and founded the Traffic Group. The company was a business success and is today ranked as one of the most prominent sports marketing companies in the country



The headquarters of Traffic Group can be found in São Paulo, Brazil. The enterprise manages and markets various sports events, including football matches, basketball and golf tournaments. The business of Traffic Group operates across multiple countries, including countries found in both South America and North America, as well as in a number of European countries. Traffic Group also has the TV right for the sports events they market and manage, resulting in having a worldwide audience. Check out for more.




Starting a new company and growing its business to achieve a worldwide reach is a massive undertaking for any entrepreneur. Attaining entrepreneurial success is an alluring challenge that not everybody is able to succeed. There are many benefits of starting your own business, and many ambitious people often choose to take this route in their career. These benefits include a greater flexibility on how a business is handled and done and flexible working hours. Attempting to start a business of one’s own always comes with the risk of failure, and it is always important to prepare before deciding to become an entrepreneur.




There are a couple of common traits and guidelines to follow in order to be a successful entrepreneur and start your own business. Some personality traits are necessary such as the will to get back up after a failure and business loss, as well as the willingness and stamina to work long hours. At the start, there will be no return and just a lot of work, but if you believe in your new career path, then you will continue the grind until it pays off. After that, work does not cease or become any easier. The drive is what makes a businessperson go on.



Talk Fusion’s New Marketing Products for Businesses

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 with an aim of helping businesses thrive through the competition with more sales and profits. It is a great platform that allows companies to make profound marketing steps that are memorable and fruitful by use of videos. In the current state, Talk Fusion is available in over 140 countries while it continues to expand. It recently added a new feature for video chat app. The app that can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play Store through iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads with iOS 7 operating systems. The app enables your company to stay on top of your business in the competitive business world. Some of the leading products from Talk Fusion is the video emails that connects business and the contacts. Users can send video emails to their clients and this enables you to embrace market campaigns strategies. With the video emails, the user can personalize and customize messages to suit different customers, workmates, vendors and also allow you to attract attention from them more than a promotional email could have done. On the mode of using the app to send a video, it is possible to record it live or record and upload later as you would wish. Immediately the video is uploaded or completed, you choose a template and change the names to whom you are sending the message.


The CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, added that it is possible to even make personal calls to your interested parties. This way, a company is able to send the appropriate information to their clients which is a great way of staying top in the competitive market. Talk Fusion launched a new training program for individuals and business who want to make the best sales and profits, Talk Fusion University, where it is available online. It allows the Talk Fusion associates to receive a quality training from the CEO, Bob Reina, through the virtual set up. Bob has more than 25 years’ experience in the marketing industry through networking. Talk Fusion is the first one in the Video marketing Solution to operate and emerge successfully. Its dedication has brought forth experiences that are memorable, persuasive, and engaging with the dynamic marketing strategy advocated. One can be sure of growth in sales and profits if they remain committed to learn and implement. Embracing Talk Fusion is definitely the way to go for companies that wish to stay strong in the market. Learn more:


The Mission of Larkin and Lacey in Fighting for the Rights of Immigrants

The United States is one of the places that had captured the attention of many on matters regarding the discriminations of the refugees.

The push that was aimed at Larkin and Lacey was to let them get an opportunity in the society of expressing their desires and grievances. The challenges of the discrimination of the refugees had been experienced in many areas in the United States.

One of the affected parts was the city of Arizona. The factor that attracted the attention of Larkin and Lacey was immigrants being put aside of the matters regarding the development. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Facebook

They came up with a foundation by the name Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The aim of the organization was to make the small humanitarian’s organization be part of the mission of combating the oppression of the refugees in the community.

Larkin and Lacey acme out to criticize the move of president Trump of appointing the leadership of Sheriff to continue serving in the office. The governance of the Sheriff has been known to be linked with mater of corruption and negligence in the community.

Larkin and Lacey were among the people who were in the front line in putting forward the claim concerning the headship of the Sheriff.

Lacey and Larkin were not in terms concerning the moves that the two journalists had taken to publish the information that disclosed the rogue leadership of the Sheriff.

They were then ordered to face arrest. The incident got the two journalists unaware at night, and many people in the community wanted to know more about the cause of the arrest of the Lacey and Larkin. The excellent relation that he had built with other people in the community shoved the public to demand their release.

They were then released and paid $3.75 million as compensation after being arrested unlawfully. Larkin and Lacy channeled the money to bolster the mission of the other human rights organization that was based in various parts of the United States.

The primary mission that the two had was to create a balanced society that is marked by justice for all people. The section of the money became useful in the campaign of the freedom of speech that in long last allowed the refugees to air their grievances through the rights avenues.

The efforts put by Larkin and Lacey in the field of human rights attracted the attention of many bodies across the globe.

They then joined hands with other philanthropists in coming up with the right’s solution of combating the issues of discrimination in the community. There is a various organization that benefited from the funding of the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

The organization further gave advice to the team of leaders in charge of various unions on how to drive their mission in the field. The main factor that boosted the effort of Larkin and Lacey is the long time experience they had concerning the issues related to the circle of human rights.

Larkin and Lacey have demonstrated their dedication through the fight for the human and civil rights by the formation of the organization that boosted their mission.

Education Around The Country Is Receiving An Overhaul Thanks To Rocketship Education

There is nothing more important than the education that is provided to the youth of this great nation, as these young people are going to be the future leaders and designers of tomorrow. Ensuring the students of today are capable and have a good foundation for building their own futures will ultimately be beneficial to everyone. This is why company’s like Rocketship Education are working to improve Education for students, especially those that cannot afford to pay for a decent education. Today, Rocketship Education schools teach students in the elementary bracket, from fifth grade all the way down to kindergarten.

 One of Rocketship Education’s defining features is their approach to helping students that are on low-income. Rocketship believes that a good education is important for everyone and not just those that are privileged. Since starting up in 2006, Rocketship Education has continued creating more schools every single year and in 2017, they were serving more than 25,000 students around the country. With most of these students being on low-income, this has made an enormous impact on many communities and Rocketship has no plans to slow down now. Rocketship Education has plans to move into new cities in the near future, including Washington, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Memphis.

 One of the greatest impacts Rocketship is having is empowering teachers and students to take control of their education and become leaders. Since 2008, Rocketship has been working hard to perfect their curriculum and give each student the tools they need to excel, even in their weak areas. This is done by providing each student with individual training and tutors alongside their standard education. According to Rocketship Education, their name was inspired by their desire to help improve and grow education and they are surely doing so. With big plans and major budget changes, Rocketship Education has the capacity to serve more communities than ever and they will continue opening new schools every year to help all students receive a better education.

Becoming a Professional Business Owner Like Jose Hawilla

In order for you to become your own business owner and entrepreneur, you’re going to need to understand what it takes to make the most out of your new company. Having a solid idea and understanding of what it takes to create a company is the most important thing for anyone who wants to become their own boss. It is important to realize that every new company must grow and expand with time, and it is very rare that your company will be an overnight success. This means that you need to take the time and patience to ensure that your business is growing in the way that it should and that you do not give up on it just because it is not offering overnight success to you and your loved ones. Being an entrepreneur is a great choice because it helps you to own a company you can feel proud of, and many people find that over time, they make more money than they would if they were working a regular job. Check out Estadao to see more.


One of the most successful entrepreneurs out there is known as Jose Hawilla. Jose Hawilla is the owner of Traffic Group, which is a sports marketing company. He has built his empire with the understanding that overnight success is never guaranteed, and yet he continued to work on his dream of building Traffic Group to what you see today. Jose Hawilla is one of the most well known businessmen in the world because of the work he has done with marketing sports teams and groups. You can search on Google for more.


Originally, Jose Hawilla began his career as a sports journalist and realized the importance and need for proper marketing of teams. Brazil’s largest sport marketing agency was founded by Jose Hawilla in 1980. It has grown to be worth a lot of money and is the country’s largest marketing agencies for sports teams and players. Because of its success, many people look up to Jose Hawilla because he simply had a dream that he was able to turn into a reality with the knowledge of how to get this done for himself.



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The Success story of Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries’ CEO

Now a leader of a great oil company, success did not come easy, considering that Tony Petrello was not born in the wealthy family. He grew up in Newark. In spite of the hardship of Newark, the place is renowned for its culture that promotes work. Here, hard work is rewarded, members of the community work together to achieve the same goal and at the same time ensure that the values of others are respected. Newark shaped Petrello with the values of honor and integrity.At the early age, Petrello understood that there are no shortcuts to success. After mastering reading skills, he would spend several hours studying textbooks on a daily basis. He showed mastery in differential calculus at a young age something that could be expected from a trained logician.

As his parents struggled to cater for the family needs, Petrello used to work hard in school to guarantee a bright future for the family. He used resources from his public school to learn mathematics and logic. Things started working in his favor, and he later joined a prestigious University to become a mathematician. At18 years of age, his dreams came true when he excelled in Ph.D. in linear algebra and calculus.Anthony is the CEO and the President of the Nabors Industries Limited. This company is located in Bermuda. It is the largest in terms of the geothermal and gas drilling globally. It has its operations in Africa, United States, Middle and the Far East. The company was established in 1968 as Anglo and later changed to Nabors.

Tony Petrello attended Harvard University, acquiring J.D from Harvard Law School. He also attended Yale University where he earned BS and MS degrees in mathematics. His career began in 1979 when he started working for Baker and McKenzie law company. He was also the managing partner of New York City Office from 1986 to 1991.He then started working at Nabors Industries in the position of the COO. One year later, Petrello became the firm’s president. From 2003 to 2012, he served as Vice Chairman of the Nabors Industries. Since then, he is the chair of the board of the company.Antony Petrello is devoted to seeing the country make advancement in the medical research field. He uses his wealth to help other people. He has a foundation at the Yale University to support those who excel in mathematics. He created the foundation in remembrance of professor Serge Lange, his mathematician friend at the University.