OSI Group: Revolutionizing Food Services

The foodservice industry is one of the most successful industries in the 21st century. This particular field of work consists of numerous sectors that handle every aspect of the business.

One of the top foodservice providers on the planet is OSI Group, and this company has revolutionized the way food retailers receive their food products. Clients of this food processor can receive the benefits of processing, management, sourcing and development. This actually means that OSI can take care of the logistics process, which in terms is a blessing.

OSI Group has built its empire through acquisitions and making the right business moves. Sheldon Lavin, CEO of the company, and David McDonald, the president of OSI, has put in over 60-combined years of experience. Lavin just so happens to be a guru in finances, and McDonald has worked his magic in food services ever since he graduated from college.

OSI Group consists of general-office buildings, test kitchens, culinary-innovation centers and pilot plants. At each major facility, there are R&D specialists on deck, and these individuals are highly trained in a wide range of foods. Global-food cuisine and custom-food production are their specialty. In totality, OSI has upward of 20,000 employees. This helps to make it one of the biggest private companies in the US. The company has factories and facilities all across the US, including the states of Iowa, California, Illinois, Utah and Wisconsin. On the other hand, the company has factories and facilities in the nations of Hungary, Germany, India, Japan, Canada, Brazil and more.

When it comes to the production and selling of foods, OSI Group has plenty to choose from. These foods come from every food group. Tomatoes, onions, fritters, pork products, bacon bits, pasta, ribettes, Tofu, turkey products, cucumbers, pizza, hotdogs, beef patties, panini, flavored sausage, fruit and many more.

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“About Marc Beer “

Mark Beer is an established businessman with over two decades of experience in processing and commercialization of pharmaceuticals. He is well versed with biotechnology, the diagnostic industries, and development of devices that promote the health of mankind. He was the founding chief executive officer of ViaCell. This company specialized in the development of biotechnologies that facilitated the collection and preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Under his leadership, 7 years, the company was able to grow from birth to an established commercial company. Prior, Marc Beer worked for Genzme where he held various positions. Genzme is a company that specialized in developing a treatment for illnesses that were difficult to diagnose and treat. A care company for debilitating diseases.

He is known for his focus and purpose that has seen companies that he has worked with go bigger and commercial for the good of humanity. He, Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, founded Renovia in 2016. Renova’s main purpose is to assist reduce incontinence in women. He currently a member of a number of boards and has advisory roles as well in, Minerva Neuroscience, Good start genetics, and ERVtech pharmacist. We expect much more from this confident biotechnologist and businessman. With the funding and his purpose in the medical world, we hold our breath waiting for the next best thing.

Other than his experiences and success in the medical world, Mr. Beer is a family guy. He is the proud father Nicholas, Catherine, and Elizabeth. A son to Sandra Beer and a sibling to Scot and Micheal. His love for family and good health is the key factor in his determination in finding better healthcare. He helped Renova raise over 40 million dollars in the series B financing for better women healthcare. With healthy and confident women the society is stronger and can handle challenges better. Women are the backbone of society and once they are weak and withdrawn the society is at a greater risk of failure. No one understands it better than Marc Beer.

Marc lives in Massachusetts with his family and is a holder of B.S from the University of Ohio. Learn more: https://www1.salary.com/Marc-Beer-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-AEGERION-PHARMACEUTICALS-INC.html


Talos Energy and Stone Energy Corp have Officially Merged

Talos Energy and Stone Energy Corp have finally completed their merger. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the newly formed company went live on May 10, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “Talo.”

Tim Duncan, the CEO of Talos Energy called the merger an oppurtunity for their investors to benefit from the increased liquidity. The increased capital enables Talos Energy to focus more on its development of the Gulf of Mexico and Mexican shores. They are also able to take advantage of new, profitable business development opportunities.

“We deeply appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in getting us to this point,” said Duncan.

The merger does not come without a plan to carry out business. Talos Energy has production facilities all through out the Gulf of Mexico. Now that the merger is complete, Talos Energy has a total of 6 operations all over the Gulf. Duncan claims that the merger will enable the company to become a premier offshore E&P.

Duncan also said that the merger will create a scenario where the company will be able to maintain normal operations, all the while pursuing new business ventures, resulting in growth and more profit. By the end of 2018, Talos Energy expects to achieve an additional 25 million dollars in pre-tax synergies from supply chain management alone.

About Talos Energy

Founded in 2012, Talos Energy is a oil and gas company that focuses on development and production. Talos Energy was founded in 2012 by Tim Duncan. The formation of the company was made possible by donations from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings.

Other notable members of the Talos team include Michael Harding II, the CFO and Senior Vice President; Sephen E Heitzmam, the COO and Executive Vice President; and John A. Parkter, the Executive Vice President of Exploration.

Talos Energy Announced A Merger With Stone Energy Corporation

Talos Energy is a Houston based oil and gas company. It was founded in 2012 by Timothy Duncan with equity of 600 million dollars which he acquired from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. The firm is majorly associated with operations in exploring, developing as well as producing oil and natural gas products. The company operates in the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

Recently, Talos Energy announced a merger with Stone Energy Corporation with the aim of optimizing the service delivery to the people. After the merger, Talos energy targets to do more exploration and development of oil and gas through a wider region unlike when it operated independently as one firm. According to Talos energy, the firm targets to employ modern technology and the company’s unmatched geological and geophysical operating experience in discovering valuable resources that were thought to be impossible to reach.

In 2017, Talos was recognized for the Zama oil discovery offshore Mexico. Zama is the first offshore exploration well to be drilled by the private sector in Mexico. With an expected yield of between 1.5 to 2 billion barrels, Zama is considered to be one of the biggest findings done by Talos Energy. According to Timothy Duncan, the CEO of Talos Energy, Zama is not only a significant discovery but also a historic occurrence in the mining field.

On September 4th, Talos Energy announced the completion of transactions toward acquiring Whistler Energy II. Whistlers, whose gross daily production was about 1,900 barrels of oil was to be acquired at a cost of 52 million dollars. The acquired assets from Whistler Energy include a 100% takeover of working interest in three blocks with the central Gulf of Mexico namely the Green Canyon 18, Green Canyon 60 and Ewing Bank 988 which is made up of over 16000 acres and a fixed production platform found on the Green Canyon Block 18. Whistler had acquired the Green Canyon 18 Field from Exxon Mobil 1n 2012. The Green Canyon 18 Field has an estimated production of more than 117 barrels of oil at the moment. Other fields operated by Talos Energy include the Phoenix Field and Tornado discovery.

Networking Difficulties And How GoBuyside Deal With Them

GoBuyside is a recruitment platform founded in 2010, which works with private equity firms and hedge funds. The company sources and screens top-tier candidates and as a result of their professional experience they formed deep relationships in the markets they serve in. More than 500 clients have entrusted their human capital needs to GoBuyside, and the company’s talent networks expands to more than 10,000 firms and more than 500 cities throughout the world.The industry has been reported for several years the fact that there is a lack of new talent available and as a result investment management recruiting has to overcome several challenges that are currently affecting the effectiveness of talent recruitment in the investment industry.One important challenge comes in the form of network difficulties.

Many companies struggled to come with the digital revolution, and recruiters have a difficult task to network successfully. Attempting to network using social media platforms is turning out to be a losing strategy, as a successful entrepreneurs spend less time on social media. Privacy issued that some platforms have is also an impediment to the recruiting efforts that rely on social media. Despite the number of challenges that firms are facing, many have found effective solutions, in this case for example being necessary for firms to not rely on networking and consider customer-centric communicating as a winning strategy.

GoBuyside’s founder and Managing Partner, Arjun Kapur notes that he avoid social media and that he is not an active user on any platform. His time is divided between thinking about his clients businesses and the market environments, considering where are pain points or potential opportunities, and where communization occurs in the business models. He states that this helps him think about how to position his business and where to spend time to innovate internally.GoBuyside has shown to be successful even when facing these issues. One company that employed their services notes that GoBuyside closed their search within 10 days, as opposed to an opposite firm who had a successful ongoing search for 60 days. Timing is proves to be very important in the competitive financial industry.


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Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is one of the most recognizable businessmen in Canada. He has had a successful career spanning General Motors and the United Technologies Corporation.

In his life, he has achieved so many things that his personal and professional life is a testament that where one starts matters less as compared to where they end up.

Louis was born in Montreal Canada where he developed a keen interest for entrepreneurship and business at a young age. Since then, he worked with boundless dedication and hard work to achieve unprecedented success.

Chenevert attended HEC Montreal Business School where he majored in production management. He viewed production management an important aspect of a business’ success. Shortly after, he joined General Motors Canada where he worked for 14 years.

After his stay at General Motors, he joined Pratt & Whitney as an operation manager before being promoted to the position of Vice President and later President. When he took over the company, it was struggling but through his skills and experience, he brought back the company to profitability.

He later moved to United Technologies Corporation as the Vice President. Louis Chenevert was elected the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation in 2008. In 2010, he became the Chairman of United Technologies Corporation.

After resigning from United Technologies Corporation, he has served as a senior industry advisor at the Gold Sachs Merchant Banking Division from 2015 to 2017. Today he serves as a member of the Business Council but also the former member of the US-India CEO Forum.

In 2011, he received an Honorary Doctorate degree from the University of Montreal. He is also the Chairman of HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board and a founding chairman and director of the Board of Directors for the Friends of HEC.

Throughout his career, he has won several awards for his role in the business world. This is evidenced by the fact that in 2011, he was named the Person of the Year by Aviation Week & Space Technology by the US aviation trade magazine.


Bruno Fagali Promising Career Journey

Bruno Fagali has been able to successfully work hard over the past few years for his career success. He has also been able to dedicate his time and expertise properly for the growth of his small law firm become a reputable establishment.

Bruno Fagali has been able to go through the required academic cycle before starting to practice as a lawyer. He graduated from Pontifical Catholic University in 2009 where he earned his bachelors degree in law. He later went back to the same university for a specialization course in Administrative law. In 2015, he joined the University of Sao Paulo for a masters degree in State Law. That was a tremendous achievement for his budding career. Find out more about Fagali at guiamais.com

Bruno has later on attended several internships at various universities. He was able to do volunteer work during his journey as a student of law. He was able to amass a wealth of skills from Getulio Vargas Foundation as well as his ordinary course that he took.

Bruno was able to get more internships at the model Dom whereby he concentrated most on family law and procedural law. After the successful courses, he was lucky to get a job at Radi, Calil and Associate Advocacy. He specialized in litigation and public law. In 2015, Bruno Fagali got a job as the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova. His work is to design, implement and manage the compliance of the agency.

In 2016, Bruno decided to establish his own business, Fagali Advocacy. The firm specializes in anti-corruption law, public law, election law as well as compliance. The advocacy is small but has been recognized across the whole of Brazil as one of the firms with very high potential. Bruno has been able to employ willing staff who are working towards realizing the company’s overall goal.

Fagali has published so many articles that have helped so many people understand the simple law procedures. He has also been very keen on answering questions that people keep on asking. His approach to many things have made him a great person in matters to do with career growth. Bruno Fagali for sure has great potential.

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Shafik Sachedina is a qualified dental surgeon who was born in Dar es- Salaam in Tanzania in 1950. Shafik has been actively practising dental surgery across various hospitals in the United Kingdom on completion of his studies. He currently works as a joint chairman of the Sussex Health Care Company located in the Sussex County that works with the objective of providing support services and looking after homes. He as well plays major roles in various health boards as an advisor such as the institute of Ismaili Studies being in the board of governors from the year 1995 and the Sussex Healthcare since 1998. Dr Shafik Sachedina qualified to become a certified dental surgeon from the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London back in the year 1975.

Not only does he practise active dental surgery, but also plays major roles in the development of the community. This has been helped by publishing and creating awareness of the Ismaili Institute that was founded in the year 1977. He is a philanthropist and a member of the Aga Khan Development committee but also doubles as a chairman to the Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committees. The love of what he does has seen him gain interest in the health sector that saw him join the Sussex Health Care Company acting as the chairman for two consecutive terms and act as an entrepreneur of other institutions such as the Jamati a good example of non-profit group that works together to rise the welfare of the Ismaili community participants and group members.

Evidently, he has been working tirelessly in the growth of twenty three homes charged to always work by personal visions and plans set. His main objective is to see to that patients get unique dental services and widely spread the Ismaili culture. This is why he has been collaborating with as many companies as possible that have similar visions. Doctor Shafik Sachedina is currently located in the United Kingdom, London to be specific after becoming a British citizen. Contact can be made across various social media account platforms that is Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. He also possess a website for easier interaction. His passionate and magical services that he offers at the Sussex Health Care has seen him earn good reputation through the use of advanced technology. As a result Sussex Healthcare has been ranked to be the best health providing facility thanks to Shafik Sachedina.

The Endeavors of Ara Chackerian in the Health Sector.

Who is Ara Chackerian? He is a renowned global philanthropist, investor, and most importantly, he is an entrepreneur. He runs his operations from San Francisco, California, and has built a name for himself in the health sector. He is also focused on running initiatives that positively impact the communities around him. Ara has built a reputation in the healthcare field for many years and has been able to successfully link technology and healthcare services. He runs several environmental conservation and youth development initiatives around the world.


Ara Chackerian has his resources and time invested in two health corporations. He is a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings LLC, a firm that sights and invests in promising upcoming health-care companies. Apart from being a board member, Ara is a joint founder of TMS Health Solutions, a private corporation that specializes in providing Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation to persons suffering from treatment-resistant depression.


Even before his involvement with TMS, Ara Chackerian was still a revered member of the health-tech sector. He has seen the growth of several health-tech companies in the US and around the world for the last two decades. Firms like BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx, and Provider Links owe their success to Ara’s influence and leadership style. Other than his endeavors with the more established firms, Ara also finds time to mold various healthcare start-ups in San Francisco including Mint Medical Education.


Ara Chackerian is an environmentalist and is committed to initiatives that impact the environment positively. He is the proprietor of the Limonapa Teak Plantation in Nicaragua; the farm is an example of conservation at its best. It applies the use of eco-friendly management practices to help maintain the nature of the surrounding ambiance.


Ara Chackerian is an advocate of youth empowerment and development. He runs several initiatives that focus on the youth including Nor Luyce, JUMA Ventures, and CREA Nicaragua. The graduate of Florida State University crisscrosses the world with the sole aim of helping people, advising on the digitization of the health sector, and building successful enterprises. He is committed to leaving a legacy while at the same time assisting young entrepreneurs to blossom. You can visit arachackerian.com to see more.


Gareth Henry Is Seeking Legal Action For The Lack Of Governmental Response In Kingston Jamaica

Who Is Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a 35 year old gay rights activist. He is also a social worker and was the head of Jamaica forum for lesbians, all sexualities and gays. He was a part of this organization for four years. He gained his popularity in his hometown when he was attached by policemen before a group of 200 people that were surrounding him inside a Kingston pharmacy. Gareth Henry explained that during his time heading the J-Flag group he lost 13 friends. He became the group’s new leader after the previous leader Brian Williamson died from stab wounds. Gareth Henry said he met violence from police three different times and the most memorable one was on a Valentine’s Day when he and few others were chased into the pharmacy and then beat with guns when the police arrived.

Failure Of Support

Despite his efforts to reach out to politicians and officials, his hate situation fell on deaf ears and the police harassment increased. He would wake up in the morning with an officer outside his home promising to kill him. He used to provide shelter for homeless gay men who had nowhere else to go. Some of them were infected with HIV. The life of Gareth Henry was constantly threatened by police and he has already saw his friends get killed. When one of the kill threats stuck with him, he knew he had to decide whether to stay there and die, or leave and find a safer place to live. He was able to run away and get safety, but he has not forgotten those who are still there being threatened and have no way out. He knows that they wake up each day and wonder if it will be their day to die, because of someone else’s homophobia. He now wants to use a legal system against the Jamaican government. He feels the way this is allowed to carry on is a total violation of human rights. He is asking for help from the international community to support the gay community that is still there.